Paintball v.1.1.8


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    Apr 23, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.2
  • 1.5.1


__ (v1.1.7) __

  • Fixed: stats of the last match not being saved when softreloading
  • Allowing block placing and breaking for players in creative mode.
  • Fixed: left-clicking in air showing grenade-throw message
  • Admins can now leave the lobby even if autoLobby is enabled.
  • Fixed /pb admin play <melody> command
  • Updated for InSigns v1.3
  • Added: InSigns version check. Disables InSigns features if an incompatible version of InSigns is found.
  • Improved: trying to allow creature spawn event for turrets even if an other plugin is blocking it.
  • Improved: Cancling snow created by snowman turrets. Untested.
  • Improved: DamageEvent and added an option to eneable / disable falldamage and other damage seperatly
  • Added: softdepend for some common world management plugins. Added warning message, if a location with an unknown or not yet loaded world is loaded from databse.
  • Improved: Interact-Event cancles now if the match hasn't yet started
  • Added: provisional timer on respawn to block interacting and accidentally wasting of paintballs and grenades on respawn.
  • Added: shooter/target name and remaining health to (team)hit nessages.
  • Added: respawns left to kill feed
  • Added: xp and level saving and restoring and config options to use them as health bar and countdown timer.
  • Added countdown sounds and changed hit sound from bat-hurt sound to less scratchy hurt sound.
  • Changed: sniper now shoots with right-click and zooms with left-click.
  • Added config node for en-/disabling of command blacklist (default disabled).
  • Added: config section and command to en- and disable arenas.
  • Fixed: limits for turrets, mines and rockets.
  • Changed: admin add and set command for stats are now player commands instead of console commands, because of many server using it to automatically benefit their paying players through that
  • Changed: all projectile launch events are now cancelled. Shooting of snowballs and grenades is now handled manually by the interact event. Item usage is blocked for everything besides potions.
  • Snowball fly speed could now be different then before. I recommend letting paintball regenerate the config.
  • Rewrote: Tracking of snowballs and all the other weapons and gadgets.
  • Prepared for: Tacking snowballs source into account, meaning different frag messages for different snowball sources (e.x. grenade!=thrown)
  • Changed: Melee kill is now counted as frag for the damager.
  • Improved: airstrike eggs not longer being launched from players face.
  • Changed: "Pumpgun" and config nodes were renamed to "Shotgun".
  • Added: vertical rotation for the shotgun bullets resulting in a spray of 3 lines of bullets instead of 1 line. Setting vertical angle to 0 disable these additional up and down spray.
  • Added: new weapon "Pumpgun" (stone axe). This wepaons has a different, more random spray then the old pumpgun (now being the new shotgun).
  • Improved a bit: Teleporting on match start (while waiting for final start) now taking view angle into account. It's still choppy.
  • Added: world mode: let you define paintball worlds. When a player enters a paintball world he automatically joins the lobby, when he leaves to another world, he leaves the lobby. Untested!
  • Changed: the "/pb leave"-command now lets players leave with only typing it once. Type "/pb leave team" to only leave the current team.
  • Improved: airstrike should now work after buying it from shop without having to switch the item in hand first. Untested.
  • Added: item meta for weapons.
  • Changed: some of the default shop prices.
  • Many other small improvements here and there..

__ (v1.1.8) __

  • Fixes: the following listed bugs of v1.1.7
  • Fixed: concurrent exceptions that crashes paintball.
  • Fixed: counter for airstrikes and rockets not resetting on match end -> leading to no more of them can be used.
  • Added: orbitalstrike! (blaze rod)

__ Changes since the earlier uploaded (v1.1.8) __

  • Removed unused autoupdater code.
  • Improved: Orbital strike now being useabledirectly after buying.
  • Removed: permission "<id>"
  • Removed: permission "paintball.arena" -> is now part of "paintball.admin"
  • Improved: TagAPI Listener is now only created if feature is enabled in the config.
  • Improved: added the permission nodes to the plugin.yml and set "paintball.general" to default.