Paintball v.1.1.6


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    Feb 21, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.0
  • 1.4.7


__ (v1.1.6) __

  • Fixed some airstrike and other settings being ignored.
  • Improved command blacklist: regexes are now pregenerated once at start.
  • Added matched-started-check inside BlockPlaceEvent.
  • Removed InteractEvent being cancelled.
  • Added new weapon Sniper: Right click carrot on a stick to zoom, left click to shoot. During zoom players walk backwards, and in addition with speed/slowness potions strange things can happen, like the wolrd going upside-down. But that's nothing I could change.. :(
  • Added "PowerFist" (Brewing Stand): This will kick clicked entities away. UNTESTED!
  • Changed individual-signs permissions (NEEDS InSignsv1.0 !): it's now: paintball.insigns.[stat] . For example: paintball.insigns.points
  • Fixed custom gift chances.
  • Changed teleport-inventory-save order to hopefully work with mutliverse inventories (now really!). UNTESTED!
  • Added sniper no-gravity-bullets-option: Might have impact on your servers performance if enabled, but UNTESTED!
  • Fixed ARENA_NOT_READY message missing for the pb admin next <arena> command

This is a "quick and dirty" release. Lots of fixes and changes I made over the last weeks are not included because they are part of greater commits I made to the project, that aren't yet comleted. So I tried to implement most of the important fixes and changes in this version, by remembering what I actually already changed in my working branch. And lots of these "reimplemented fixes/changes" weren't yet tested.