Paintball v1.1.5


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    Feb 1, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


__ (v1.1.5) __

  • Added a condition inside ProjectileHitEvent, if the BlockIterator is necessary if mines are disabled.
  • Propably fixed shop doing weird stuff.
  • Fixed NullPointerException caused by mines being hit by a snowball.
  • Changed allowedCommands a bit.
  • Added command blacklist (this could need some performance improvements in the future). Can be used to block tp commands from outside paintball that have the exact playername as argument if the player is currently playing paintball.
  • Added config nodes for letting admins override this blacklist which is default to false.
  • Christmas wishes: Moved from language file to config and changed text to something without christmas.
  • Added /pb join command as alias for /pb random .
  • Added spawn protection.
  • Changed some sounds.
  • Added new weapon: pumpgun: it's a glistering melon which can be bought and consumes a configurable amount of snowballs per shot.
  • Added "hidden" /pb admin check -command for checking the entity and snowball numbers of the world.
  • Changed teleportFix to only make players inside the lobby visible for each other.
  • Fixed/Added: load/create world if getWorld(name) returns null for saved locations. If you want to delete a world make sure you delete all spawns pointing to the world. Otherwise the world will be regenerated everytime you start paintball.
  • Changed order from inv save->teleport to teleport->inv save
  • Changed timers a bit cause the seemed to confuse some people.. :P
  • Removed checking of MoveEvent to stop players from walking at match start. Replaced it with teleporting them back every second at match-start-countdown. This means: no more strange shaking at start.
  • Giving someone a gift by rightclicking him, will at the same time unwrap an other gift, if you have more then 1 gift in your inventory. :( Same, with unwrapping a gift at the ground.

If someone got an idea how to fix these issues, feel free to share them with me :)