Paintball v.1.1.3


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    Dec 21, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R1.0


__ (v1.1.3) __

  • changed basic commands which shall be allowed for everyone from being commands to be "chat-triggerd"
  • Removed some unused stuff in metrics class
  • Added "join-checks" at respawn
  • Added rocket launcher (redstone repeater, righ-click to shoot)
  • Added mines (flower-pot, place to be active, can't be killed by allies but by yourself and enemies by shooting at them, ticks (volumne and pitch) depending on distance)
  • Added enemy check for turrets
  • Added config setting for different things.. like limits for extras per player and per match
  • Removed 1 tick delay on frag which didn't really help to fix the ArrayOutOfBound-Exception on teleports between worlds.. :(
  • Added happy hour admin command
  • Added message at end of match telling you if you lost or won
  • Added some simple melodies for win, defeat and draw
  • Own melodies can be used be following the pattern of the default ones, or importing directly from .nbs files (not much tested yet)
  • Changed permission check for admin and arena help pages, so they can't be displayed anymore to players without permission
  • moved serverlist stuff to seperate config, but didn't yet changed anything at this..
  • Added TagAPI support for colors and "nearly" invisible tags. With a bit differece for spectators and players.
  • Added gifts. Players can get random gifts at spawn, or all players through admin command. They can then unwrap the gift to get something defined via config, or they can give the gift to some other player by right clicking the player. (Known bug: PlayerInteractEvent and PlayerInteractEntityEvent are both called when the player right-clicks an player :( )
  • Added "Teleport-Invisible-Fix" again. Is probably helping a bit :D
  • Changed colored armor form nbt to bukkit api. So there should be any use of craftbukkit/minecraft code be left now. Yeay.
  • Many translation changes.
  • Many other smaller fixes and changes I can't remember each ..
  • Obfuscated this time. Experience has shown it's actual needed because people like to disrespect simple rules.. :(

* ArrayOutOfBounds world-ticking-entities-something, when lobby is located in a different world then the arena and players are teleported. :(
* Giving someone a gift by rightclicking him, will at the same time unwrap an other gift, if you have more then 1 gift in your inventory. :(
* Didn't yet find the reason for the laggs some people seem to have at match end.. :(

If someone got an idea how to fix these issues, feel free to share them with me :)