Paintball v.1.1.0


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    Nov 9, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.2-R0.2



  • Removed "teleport-fixing-code" as bukkit fixed this bug just as good.
  • Changed data saving to sqlite.
  • Changed colored wool block to colored lether armor.
  • Removed /pb admin helmet command.
  • Added some sound and particcle effects.
  • Added setting for respawn.
  • Per arena stats and settings.
  • Added round timer.
  • Made stats saving async.
  • Made important code "more" thread save as it was before. This hopefully fixes some bugs which occured with many players.
  • Added /pb admin list .
  • Changed admin commands for stats/money to /pb admin set/add <player> <stats> <value> .
  • Changed rank and top command, so ranks can be calculated for each value of the stats seperatly.
  • Added signs for all player stats.(PB POINTS)
  • Added optional InSigns support for signs. ([PB_POINTS)
  • Showing cash in paintball shop now.
  • Changed autoLobby to also check for lobby-joining conditions.
  • Added autoTeam.
  • Added version checking and data sending for serverlist: This will send some general information about the mincraftserver:
    ip, port, servername, slots, motd, bukkit version, if server is in onlinemode, if it has whitelist enabled.
    And some informations about paintball, like: how many players already played paintball there and if it is an paintball-only server (autolobby) and if the server admin wants the server to be listed at the server list
    -> for people who don't want to share these informations with me :( -> you can disable this in the config with the setting "check version"
  • Changed how coloring of chat messages is done. This hoepfully works for most people the way it should..
    -> This can be disabled by setting "Version Check" to false in the config.
  • Fixed: Melee attack teammembers, bug at clearing/restoring inventroies, first spawn is now random, some bug in afk-detection, bug at checking players team, and probably tons more..

none so far..