Paintball v.1.0.6


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    Jul 14, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


  • Added many checks on lobby-join to prevent many possible ways of cheating on a survival server. (Health, Food, etc.).
  • Checks (player recieving hint, that he should change something before joining the lobby) can be disabled in the config (This means ONLY the hint for the player. Inventories are cleard anyway and health, etc. is restored with and without this setting.)
  • Bug-Fix, if players hit each other at the same time (1/20 sec.): checks now if target is already dead and if match is already over.
  • DeathEvent: Then a player dies (for example by kill-command from outside the lobby), he leaves the lobby and the match, without interupting it and drops are removed (Wool-block and balls etc.)
  • Option, to save the inventories of the players. But if the player dies (for example by kill-command), he will not get it back and is not teleported back to the saved location.
  • Changed some code, like chat colors (so if you find anywhere "" report it please).
  • Some changes with metrics graph settings. Moved the metrics configuration into the paintball-folder (metrics.yml). So everyone knows, it is related to the plugin Paintball and doesn't have to wonder why there is a metrics folder ..
  • Changed some stuff with chat colors, so it should work now for most chat-plugins by only coloring the message.
  • "only random" and "auto random" mode, which is loaded from config settings, but can changed in game via /pb admin random (until the setting is reloaded from config be reloading/startiing the plugin/server).
  • Changed the amount of items in "infinite mode" to 10. Maybe it's less "laggy" now, when it resotres the last shot ball/extra.
  • Decimals for hitquote and KD in the stats added.
  • REMAINING: The plugin "ForceField" seems to create some error when grenades / airstrikes. (Probably an bug with ForceField?)