healoverpoweredplugin.healAllows you to heal yourself
healoverpoweredplugin.heal.otherAllows you to heal someone else
feedoverpoweredplugin.feedAllows you to fill your food bar
feedoverpoweredplugin.feed.otherAllows you to fill someone elses food bar
speedoverpoweredplugin.speedAllows you to change your walk/flight speed
tpoverpoweredplugin.tpAllows you teleport to another player someone else to teleport to other players
tphereoverpoweredplugin.tphereAllows you to teleport someone to your location
tpherealloverpoweredplugin.tphere.allAllows you to teleport every player to your location
gamemodeoverpoweredplugin.gamemodeAllows you to change your game mode
gamemodeoverpoweredplugin.gamemode.otherAllows you to change the game mode of any player
headoverpoweredplugin.headAllows you to use the /head command
vanishoverpoweredplugin.vanishAllows you to become invisible
vanishoverpoweredplugin.vanish.otherAllows you to make someone else invisible
icoverpoweredplugin.inventoryclearAllows you to clear your inventory
icoverpoweredplugin.inventoryclear.otherAllows you to clear the inventory of someone else
invseeoverpoweredplugin.invseeAllows you to look into the inventory of someone else
enderseeoverpoweredplugin.enderseeAllows you to look into the Enderchest of any player
godoverpoweredplugin.godAllows you to make yourself invisible
godoverpoweredplugin.god.otherAllows you to make someone else invisible
freezeoverpoweredplugin.freezeAllows you to freeze any player
muteoverpoweredplugin.muteAllows you to mute any player
pinfooverpoweredplugin.playerinfoAllows you to use the /pinfo command
getipoverpoweredplugin.getipAllows you to use the /getip command
gethostoverpoweredplugin.gethostAllows you to use the /gethost command
strikeoverpoweredplugin.strikeAllows you to strike another player with lightning
listoverpoweredplugin.listAllows you to use the /list command
onlineoverpoweredplugin.onlineAllows you to use the /online command
burnoverpoweredplugin.burnAllows you to set any player on fire


oppoverpoweredplugin.overpoweredpluginAllows you to open the opp help desc
commandblockoverpoweredplugin.commandblockAllows to open the blocklist for commands
setspawnoverpoweredplugin.setspawnAllows set your current location as your spawn point
spawnoverpoweredplugin.spawnAllows you to spawn at your spawn point
spawnoverpoweredplugin.spawn.otherAllows you to teleport other players to your spawn point
sethomeoverpoweredplugin.sethomeAllows you to set your current location as your home
homeoverpoweredplugin.homeAllows you to teleport to your home point
setwarpoverpoweredplugin.setwarpAllows you to create a warp at your current position
warpoverpoweredplugin.warpAllows you to teleport to the selected warp
delwarpoverpoweredplugin.delwarpAllows you to delete warps
warpsoverpoweredplugin.warpsAllows you to see all currently active warps
timeoverpoweredplugin.timeAllows you to change the time
dayoverpoweredplugin.dayAllows you to set the time to day
nightoverpoweredplugin.nightAllows you to set the time to night
weatheroverpoweredplugin.weatherAllows you to change the weather
mobkilloverpoweredplugin.mobkillAllows you to remove/kill all living mobs


clearchatoverpowered.clearchatAllows you to clear the chat history for all players
msgoverpoweredplugin.msgAllows you to send a private message to any player
replyoverpoweredplugin.replyAllows you to directy reply a certain player
socialspyoverpoweredplugin.socialspyAllows you read the p.m. of every player you to use colors in the chat


N.A.overpoweredplugin.sign.colorsAllows you to use colors on signs


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