CommandWhat it does
/heal[player]heals you/the targeted player
/feed[player]fills your/the targeted players food bar
/speed<1 - 10>set your walk/flight speed to a custom amount
/tp<player> [player]teleports you/the selected player to the target player
/tphere<player>teleports the target player to you
/tpherealltelepots every online player to you
<1/2/3> [player]changes your/the targeted players gamemode
/headsets the currently (in your hand) equipped item as a hat
/invsnish[player]lets you/the targeted player become invisible
[player]clears your/the targeted players inventory
/invsee[player]shows you the inventory of the targeted player
/endersee[player]shows you the enderchest of the targeted player
/god[player]gives you/the targeted player the power of god and makes you invincible
/freeze<player>freezes the targeted player
/mute<player>mutes the targeted player
<player>gives you information about a player (Name/LvL/Position/Health/esc.)
/getip<player>shows you the targeted players IP
/gethost<player>gives you the players host-adress
/strike<player>Zeus throws one of his mighty lightning spears down on the targeted players head
shows you all players who are online at the moment
/burn<player> [time]sets the targeted player on fire for a custom amount of time


CommandWhat it does
[help] [pageNo.]opens the opp help desc
/cmdblock<list>shows you all commands from the blocklist
/cmdblock<add/del> <command>adds/removes a command to/from the blocklist
/setspawnsets your current location as your new spawn location
/spawn[player]teleports you/the targeted player to the spawn location
/sethomesets the players current position as his home
/hometeleports the player to his home
/setwarp<warpName>creates a warp (waypoint) at your current position
(it is possible for multiple warps to be active
at the same time!)
/warp<warpName>teleports you to the selected warp
/delwarp<warpName>deletes the selected warp
/warpsshows you a list of all currently active warps
/time<day/night>changes the time of the current world
/dayset time to day
/nightset time to night
/weather<sun/rain/storm>changes the weather of your current world
/mobkill<remove/kill>either removes or kills all living mobs (removed mobs don't drop any loot)


CommandWhat it does
clears the chat completely
(for all players!)
/msg<player> <message>sends a private message to a certain player
/reply<message>replies directly to the last person who wrote you a private message
/socialspygives you the permission to read everyones' private messages

NOTE: Commands in "< ... >" are required, commands in "[ ... ]" are optional!


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