OverPoweredPlugin v0.8.9


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    Jan 2, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


Update v0.8.9 - BETA

+ first beta release
+ chatcolors used with "&" + ColorCode
+ signcolors used with "&" + ColorCode
+ customizeable message of the day (motd) with colors
+ customizeable maxplayer number
+ custom first-join message
+ custom join message
+ custom quit message
+ compatible with v1.8
+/overpoweredplugin [help] [pageNumber] - opens the opp help desc
+/fly [player] - gives you/the target player the permission to fly
+/heal [player] - heals you/the target player
+/feed [player] - feeds you/the target player
+/tp <player> [player] - teleports you/the selected player to the target player
+/tphere <player> - teleports the target player to you
+/tphereall - teleports every online player to you
+/setspawn - sets your current location to the new world spawnlocation
+/spawn [player] - teleports you/the target player to the spawnlocation
+/vanish [player] - lets you/the target player vanish
+/v [player]
+/time <day|night> - sets the time of your current world
+/day - sets the time of your current world to day
+/night - sets the time of your current world to night
+/inventoryclear [player] - clears the inventory of you/the target player
+/ic [player]
+/weather <sun|rain|storm> - changes the weather of your current world
+/gamemode <1|2|3> [player] - changes the gamemode of you/the target player
+/gm <1|2|3> [player]
+/head - gives you the currently equipped item in your hand as a hat
+/invsee [player] - shows you the inventory of a target player
+/endersee [player] - shows you the enderchest of a target player
+/god [player] - gives you/the target player the power of god and makes you undieable
+/freeze <player> - freezes a target person
+/mute <player> - mutes a target person
+/playerinfo <player> - gives you information about a player
+/pinfo <player>
+/getip <player> - gives you the players ip-adress
+/gethost <player> - gives you the players host-adress
+/strike <player> - strikes the target player
+/mobkill <remove|kill> - either kills or removes all living mobs
+/list - gives out all online players
+/online - gives out all online players
+/burn <player> [seconds] - sets the target player on fire for your choosen amount of time
+/sethome - sets the players home to his current position
+/home - teleports the player to his home
+/clearchat - clears the chat
+/warp <warpName> - teleports you the selected warp
+/setwarp <warpName> - creates the warppoint on your current position
+/delwarp <warpName> - delets the selected warppoint
+/warps - gives out a list with all warps
+/msg <player> <message> - sends a private message to an online player
+/reply <message> - replys to the last person who wrote you a private message
+/r <message
+/socialspy - gives you access to read all private messages
+ overpoweredplugin.overpoweredplugin
+ overpoweredplugin.fly
+ overpoweredplugin.fly.other
+ overpoweredplugin.heal
+ overpoweredplugin.heal.other
+ overpoweredplugin.feed
+ overpoweredplugin.feed.other
+ overpoweredplugin.tp
+ overpoweredplugin.tp.other
+ overpoweredplugin.tphere
+ overpoweredplugin.tphere.all
+ overpoweredplugin.setspawn
+ overpoweredplugin.spawn
+ overpoweredplugin.spawn.other
+ overpoweredplugin.vanish
+ overpoweredplugin.vanish.other
+ overpoweredplugin.time
+ overpoweredplugin.day
+ overpoweredplugin.night
+ overpoweredplugin.inventoryclear
+ overpoweredplugin.inventoryclear.other
+ overpoweredplugin.weather
+ overpoweredplugin.gamemode
+ overpoweredplugin.gamemode.other
+ overpoweredplugin.head
+ overpoweredplugin.invsee
+ overpoweredplugin.endersee
+ overpoweredplugin.god
+ overpoweredplugin.god.other
+ overpoweredplugin.freeze
+ overpoweredplugin.mute
+ overpoweredplugin.playerinfo
+ overpoweredplugin.getip
+ overpoweredplugin.gethost
+ overpoweredplugin.strike
+ overpoweredplugin.mobkill
+ overpoweredplugin.list
+ overpoweredplugin.online
+ overpoweredplugin.burn
+ overpoweredplugin.sethome
+ overpoweredplugin.home
+ overpoweredplugin.clearchat
+ overpoweredplugin.setwarp
+ overpoweredplugin.warp
+ overpoweredplugin.warps
+ overpoweredplugin.delwarp
+ overpoweredplugin.msg
+ overpoweredplugin.reply
+ overpoweredplugin.socialspy
- console commands are disabled until futher updates
+ if there are any bugs, or if you have new idea
feel free to tell us in the comment section