OverPermissions is simple to install, already includes many features, and will have many new features added in the coming weeks.


  • SQL Backend, currently only MySQL is allowed, but SQLite support is planned.
  • Built-in commands with tab completion, making permissions administration much easier. (see Tab-Completion)
  • Extensive metadata, 'prefix' and 'suffix' are defaults.
  • Group inheritance, and priorities. Set which groups' metadata is the most important.
  • Case insensitive groups, "/groupadd MyGroup perm" and "/groupadd mygroup perm" do the same thing.
  • Full Bukkit API support, help plugins can automatically get all commands.
  • SuperPermissions support. Many plugins will work right off the hop.
  • Wildcard (my.*.node) support.
  • Temporary permissions which stay between server restarts.
  • Automatic promotion trees, automatically promote the player to the next appropriate rank. (/playerpromote)
  • Full API, see API

Installation Tutorial

  • Ensure you have MySQL installed MySQL Tutorial
  • Download the latest OverPermissions version.
  • Move the downloaded file to your /plugins directory
  • Change your configuration's values to what you see fit. "dbpassword" should be the only field you need to change.
  • Turn on your server, OverPermissions will download required libraries based on the configuration and then shut down the server.
  • Turn on your server again. If you see an error that says 'Failed to connect to the MYSQL database' it means your MySQL database isn't turned on or isn't configured correctly.
  • Start creating your groups with /groupcreate and adding permissions to them with /groupadd. (See Commands)

Current TODO list

  • Add importers/exporters for the major permissions systems
  • Add SQLite support



  • OverCaste - Lead developer
  • NoEff3x - Code review
  • Turd_Meabler - Beta tester for v1
  • xKevinn - Beta tester for v1


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