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Do you want more wolves on your server? Do you want them to be angry and attacking players automatically? Perfect for making forests more dangerous, or just increasing the number of wolf spawns - regardless of biome. Out Come The Wolves does two things in particular - gives you a percentage to increase wolf spawns, and a percentage to make those wolves automatically angry. There are also permission nodes to auto set nearby spawned wolves as tamed, and to bypass having wolves target players entirely.

Fill your forests with angry wolves - download Out Come The Wolves today!


There are no commands for this plugin.



Players with this permission setting won't be targeted by angry wolves.


Players with this permission will automatically tame any wolf that spawns nearby.


There are four settings in the configuration file.

otherMobsIntoWolves can be any number between 0 and 100. To make more wolves on your server, set the otherMobsIntoWolves value higher. This will only affect mobs above level 65.

By default it is set to 5.

aggressiveWolves can be any number between 0 and 100. To increase the number of angry wolves you find, set aggressiveWolves to a number closer to 100.

By default it is set to 20.

alwaysHunting can be true or false. It is set to false by default.

When alwaysHunting is set to true, wolves regularly check if there's a player nearby. If so, they target and attack that player. Running through the forest gets VERY exciting with this setting.

debug can be true or false. By default it is set to false; enable it as true and reload the server to see significantly more debug output on the console.


Set otherMobsIntoWolves to 10, and aggressiveWolves to 0. Now you'll have lots more wild wolves spawning!


Set aggressiveWolves to 100, and otherMobsIntoWolves to 0. You'll have the normal amount of wolf spawns, but every one of them will be angry!


Set aggressiveWolves to 100, and otherMobsIntoWolves to 100. Now all your mobs above ground will be replaced with angry ones! Set this on a abandoned city server and tell players to run - the city is full of feral wolves.

Source Code

Source is available at https://github.com/ralphhogaboom/OutComeTheWolves.


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