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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R4


Release 2.4-beta1

  • add new message variable %v, make variables (%v, %t & %p) return human readable values (eg. arrow instead of PROJECTILE_ARROW@0)
  • add same variables to command parameter
  • add MONEY@PENALTY (will reduce the attackers funds, doesn't effect the victim) and allow MONEY@STEAL without an attacker (eg. victim falls to death - will lose funds)
  • prevent playerinteract events being parsed if player in creative mode
  • add endermen=enderman alias
  • fix NPE issue with ENDERMAN data that caused the config to fail to load a section containing "drop: enderman"
  • fix support for targets as block id (still requires quotation marks surrounding, eg. "120":)
  • add /od settings command to show current config settings
  • add more MaterialAliases
  • add new mobs properly to CommonEntity (fixes issue where BLAZE: drop: SPAWNEGG@THIS didn't work)

Release 2.3

  • improve message action - %t now correctly shows just the tool (if playersubject) and added %p for playername
  • fix issue where in some cases the default entity drop would duplicate (leading to many bones/arrows/rottenmeat/etc in extreme situations)
  • fix bug where enchantments were not applied if dropspread: false
  • fix npe in ProjectileAgent (fixes BukkitDev Issue #80)
  • fix WOOL@THIS not working with SHEEP@SHEARED/BLUE
  • fix issue with region check when using multiple regions in the condition
  • improve occurredevent.measureRange warning (when worlds don't match) - move to verbosity high.

Release 2.3-beta6

  • fix for "getitem() is null" message
  • remove wheat=crops material alias (as wheat is a valid item)
  • added a heap more material aliases (see here for full list)

Release 2.3-beta5

  • fix bug where player drops if configured would override default drop and clear the players inventory on death
  • add WHEAT as alias for CROPS & SEED as alias for SEEDS
  • fix NPE in onPlayerInteract where item in player hands is null (shouldn't happen, as empty hands is Material.AIR - not null, but it does)
  • add BLOCK_DAMAGED as alias for LEFT_CLICK action
  • remove a debug message for enchantments that showed on each config reload
  • fix NPE where currentEvent.getTool().getShooter() is null (shouldn't happen, will investigate cause later)

Release 2.3-beta4

  • fix NPE when using DEFAULT drop
  • add "disable_xp_on_non_default" to stop mobs dropping XP if no default drop is added
  • allow DENY to work with explosions (denies the particular block type from exploding)
  • fish_caught "drops" are now thrown at the player from the location caught (ie. fishing rod sinker)
  • fix for some cases when logging (logblock/hawkeye/bigbrother) would log two messages for one event

Release 2.3-beta3

  • fix another NPE due to measuring "range" between two worlds (and refactor "range" safety checks into one function)
  • fix od-goldtools-basic.yml (allows you to gather ice which will produce water in nether) to drop: NOTHING in nether
  • add default_dropspread option to otherdrops-config.yml
  • fix issue where drops without a drop (eg. just a message or an event) overrode default drop
  • allow setting "default_dropspread" in config file (false means drops will be one stack unless override with a dropspread
  • handle custom damage (fixes BukkitDev ticket 65 - MCMMO custom damage causing NPE)
  • fix hawkeye logging so it only occurs on Action.BREAK

Be careful with this one - I had to change a lot to fix the issues with drops without a drop overriding default drop. I ran it through a full test but still could have missed something - please let me know if there are any issues.

Version 2.3-beta2 (2012/02/06)

  • remove MONSTER from group
  • fix error with WOOL@THIS (white sheep dropped black wool)
  • honor mobarena protection
  • support multiple enchantments for tools (not levels yet)
  • minor fixes and NPE catching

Version 2.3-beta1 (2012/02/04)

  • disable Enderdragon explosions (too dangerous - easy to cause server overload - will later enable via a config option)
  • fix IN_MOB_ARENA flag
  • More flexible aliases system - now ignores spaces, dashes and underscores (ie. goldhelm will match GOLD_HELM).
  • Revamp of main drop function - "exclusive" now removed but replaced with more powerful usage of UNIQUE flag, eg:
   # this config sets up two drop groups where the contents of each dropgroup are UNIQUE
   # basically this selects one drop at random from each dropgroup (ie. web & gold, OR web & XP)
      - dropgroup: xp_or_money
          - drop: GOLD_INGOT/2
            flags: UNIQUE
          - drop: XP/25/100%
            flags: UNIQUE
      - dropgroup: loot
          - drop: WEB
            flags: UNIQUE
          - drop: .....
  • Added "THIS" for datavals - eg:
    - drop: WOOL@THIS # will drop wool of same color as sheep
    - drop: LOG@THIS # drop same log as tree you are breaking
    - drop: SPAWN_EGG@THIS # drop an egg that spawns the creature just killed
  • support block level "exceptions", eg:
    - drop: DIAMOND

This may end up changing to a format of [ANYBLOCK, -FURNACE, -WORKBENCH]

  • improve stopmobfarm config and change DAMAGE_BURN to an alias for FIRE/FIRE_TICK/LAVA.
  • add alias "BLOCK_BREAK" for action "BREAK"
  • only default tooldamage to 1 for blockbreak events (this was only meant to be a protection due to the need to cancel blockbreak events)
  • trim enchantment names so "SWORD@ench1, ench2" will work (previously the space after the comma would cause it to fail
  • fix NPE in PlayerInteractEvent
  • add distance safety check (to fix NPE) in PlayerInteractEntityEvent
  • Improved some log/debug messages

Version 2.2.1 (2012/01/30)

  • Quickfix for messages in some configs showing 0 for %q

Version 2.2 (2012/01/30)

  • DEFAULT now works correctly with fishing actions
  • od-fix_undroppables now has endermen dropping their contents on death

Version 2.2-beta1 (2012/01/29)

  • added FISH_CAUGHT & FISH_FAILED actions
  • mooshroom now works instead of being seen as a cow
  • fix bug where PROJECTILE_ARROW didn't send messages
  • attempt fix NPE in SimpleData.get()
  • new flexible way of checking creature names
  • added HELM as alias for HELMET (eg. IRON_HELM)

Fishing example:

        - dropgroup: fishcaught
          action: FISH_CAUGHT
            - drop: IRON_HELM@50
              message: "Bonus!You found an iron helmet - a little rusty but still ok."
              chance: 5%
              exclusive: 1
            - drop: {DIAMOND, GOLD_ORE, OBSIDIAN}
              chance: 3%
              exclusive: 1
              message: "Woo, you hooked a precious stone!"
        - action: FISH_FAILED
          drop: LEATHER_BOOTS
          chance: 2%

Currently this will always drop the default fish as well, that will be fixed in the next release (then you will have to add drop: DEFAULT if you want the fish as well).

Caveats: currently we cannot add items to your inventory and there's no way to determine the location of the fishing "bobble" so it just drops items at your feet.

Bonus: you can use all the usual conditions (biome, weather, world, etc) to customise fishing.


  • add dropgroup conditions back in
  • fix "drop:" default value (if not specified) - was DEFAULT, now NOTHING (more intuitive)
  • stop "drop: NOTHING" replacing blocks on actions other than blockbreak


  • fix for "drop: default" not working
  • fix for "ALL:" & "ANY_CREATURE"
  • fix chance condition for dropgroups


  • enchantment support! eg. "drop: DIAMOND_SWORD@!DAMAGE_ALL#3, FIRE_ASPECT#2" - see here for more details
  • fix for bug where if an embedded chance fails the block doesn't break


  • remove enhanced HawkEye logging as it caused OtherDrops to be dependent on HawkEye and crash if you don't have it (if you need full HawkEye logging use version 2.0, otherwise use this version).


  • only change from beta13-2 is support for integer drop values (eg. drop: 318@1022)
  • confirmation that major bugs have been fixed


  • fix for HawkEye logging - should work now


  • fix to allow custom drops dropping during tnt/creeper explosions


  • fix for in_mob_arena crashing with NPE if mob arena plugin not found

Beta 12:

  • fix "delay bug" choosing same location
  • dropgroups now have separate messages (handy for delays - show immediate message then delayed messages with event)
  • fix IN_MOB_ARENA flag
  • fix UNIQUE flag
  • update hawkeye logging (hopefully rollback works? not tested)
  • remove ProjectileAgent debug msg
  • fix for negative regions (region: [-here])
  • fix for ANY_BLOCK (using replacement block or DENY changed any block to the first block you broke)

Beta 11:

  • remove spawn_egg alias to allow compability with Minecraft 1.0.1 Bukkit
  • clear up a couple of debug messages
  • fix NPE in weather check
  • add datavalues for magma_cube

Beta10: Basic support for enchantments, fix no death animation & entities removing block within, update to 1.0 & 1.1 (mobs/items), ignore players in creative mode (onblockbreak)

Will not work with the new Bukkit for Minecraft 1.2 (R5 - not yet released as of 23/02/2012)