Gang Wars!

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


the plugin that replaces Factions

Hey guys!

I am working on a plugin with pinoybusta12 (Jay), and it is going to be related to a gang war. It will be related to factions, as you can create your own guild. BUT, it is an ELO ranking system that puts you against other factions in a set map (Or your custom map) to battle it out to have one more man standing.


So far, we only will provide one life to each team. Once we finish setting up the configuration, we will have multiple-life support.


Yes. We will use a shop to help you gain rewards for each kill (EST 1 Dollar - 10) Winning team gets around 50-60.

NPC Support?

We plan to add NPC support. This will include shops within the game where you can purchase items with money earned inside the game. If not, then we will have a separate area within your inventory where you can manage those shop requests. Unfortunately, as of now, shops are NOT configurable. If you know a way to fix this, please message me and I will give you credit within the shop tab.

Release Dates

We Are In BETA Testing Currently, But Our BETA or ALPHA release, will probably be released near end of August.

We have a test server:


GangWar /gw war ELO /gw war <gangName>


Admin Commands

/GW Disband <Gang>

/GW SetLobby

Player Commands


/GW Create <Gang Name>

/GW Betray

/GW Leave

/GW Disband

/GW Join <Gang Name>

/GW SetTerritory

/GW SetT

/GW AutoSetTerritory

/GW AutoSetT


Feel Free To Donate With The Link Below

You can donate here!

Questions & Comments

If You Have Any Questions Or Comments About This Project Please Feel Free To Leave A Comment Below, And It Will Be Answered By One Of The Authors.


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