OreVeins is a mod that redistributes ore in a better accordance to principles of economic and structural Geology, leading to a more 'enriching' overland exploration experience and ultimately putting the 'mine' back in 'Minecraft'!

All ores are now based on four structural 'types' :

  • Bedding Planes (Iron & Coal)
  • Vein Systems (Iron, Redstone, Gold, Emerald)
  • Alteration Zones (Lapiz Lazuli)
  • Volcanic Pipes (Diamond)

Additionally, two ore mechanics are also implemented:

  • Bonanzas: globs of rich ore found in Iron, Gold, and Redstone Veins.
  • Geodes: hollow globs of emerald ore

To use OreVeins, simply place OreVeins.jar into your server plugin folder, run the server.bat file, and start exploring your world! At the current time OreVeins does not work on already generated worlds; you'll have to use a fresh server. There are no permission nodes or server commands associated with this plugin at the moment.

OreVeins does impact chunk generation times. On my 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo w/ 8GB RAM, a bukkit server takes 3.55 seconds to prepare spawn. With OreVeins, it takes 12.3 seconds to load. Its not enough for it to be really noticeable, but if I start adding placer deposits and elluvial concentration, it may need more optimization.

The following are features that I would love to implement, but may need some help from an experienced hand implementing:

  • Elluvial and Alluvial enrichment
  • Supergene enrichment
  • Utilize the new stone blocks coming up in future updates appropriately
  • Add kimberlite dikes to the base of the diatremes.

Feel free to message me if you'd like to help develop this project. For more information and screenshots check out this link: http://imgur.com/gallery/V8VOP/new

As bukkit is currently in limbo legally, the admins probably have their hands busy with a whole lot. For now use this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/ttfeuyw4gimsayj/OreVeins.jar?dl=1 to download the plugin. I will remove the link and go through the proper admin procedures once everything is honkey dory again.

UPDATE So it looks as though Bukkit is becoming dead. :(. I'm currently looking into what it would take to move this to other things, like Sponge. I will update this project description with the new link when I am able to do this. Sorry guys! you've all been very supportive through this and I promise i will be implementing some interesting features well worth the wait when the new Sponge API comes online!

*UPDATE 2* Sorry I've been MIA for a few years. Life events + field work will put things on the back burner definitely. I've taken the project back up, but this time I'm releasing it for Sponge (Spongepowered.org) as a forge mod, as it will allow me to do so much more than what bukkit offers (API wise). The Sponge implementation is in alpha as of now, and I would love both testers and casual programmers/math people to give me suggestions to improve it.


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