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    From Comment on MainPage when i have some time:


    First of all. very good plugin!

    May i give you a few suggestions to improve the potential.

    1. Could you add the abbility for other blocks? (i know the nam is OreRespawn) but it would be very helpful if we could add things like sugercane or pumpkins or maybe Glowstone to the Respawn list. Or maby someone wants to make a Wood farmig area so the respawn of Wood would be nice.

    2. The abbility to activate a simple mode: where the markt blocks just respawn exactly at the position where they were and independent in wich height level. (or just tell us how we do it with your configs :3*

    3. Random and independently respawndely for diffrent blocks Config Example: wood respawnDelayInSecmin: 50 respawnDelayInSecmax: 100

    ironore respawnDelayInSecmin: 20 respawnDelayInSecmax: 200

    so the wood blocks respawns within 50-100sec and the ironore independently within 20-200sec

    I hope you understand my bad english ;)

    Greetings from switzerland


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