This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This Plugin is Inactive, if you need a newer Version look at OreRespawn 2 from Borlea. A thanks to him that he takes the time to Update my old plugin since i dont have the time for it anymore.

This plugin Respawns the Ore that the Players harvest withhin a in the Config defined range in a Cave.

Source Code


  • Respawn Ore in a defined range
  • Check hight to Spawn Ore in the right Area
  • Blacklisting player placed stones in SQLite for anticheat
  • Region Support (Needs WorldEdit)
  • Permission Support


  configVersion: '0.6' //Do not Change!
    default: //Worldname
      enabled: 'true' //Is enabled in this World (true/false)
      regionMode: 'true' //Region Mode enable (true/false) [Needs WorldEdit]
      coal: //Settings for This ore
        maxDistance: '50' //Sets ores Max Distance. 0 is Disabled Spawning
        respawnDelayInSec: '50' //Sets ore Spawndelay


orerespawn [General command /ores]
orerespawn.maxdistance [/ores maxdistance <world> <ore> <number>]- Sets the Maxdistance. 0 Disables Orerespawning of the ore.
orerespawn.respawn [/ores spawnnow] - Respawns all Quied Ore
orerespawn.world [/ores world <wolrdname> <enable/disable>] - Sets the plugin for World en or disabled. After this Restart is needed.
orerespawn.log.show [/ores log show] - Shows the Ore Mined since last Log Clearing
orerespawn.log.clear [/ores log clear] - Clears the Ore log
orerespawn.region.list [/ores region list] - Lists all Regions
orerespawn.region.create [/ores region create <name>] - Creates new Region, needs Selection with WorldEdit
orerespawn.region.delete [/ores region delete <name>] - Deletes a Region


Version 0.9

  • Fixed World Enabling Issue

Version 0,8

  • Make Compatible to Bukkit 1.2.3 R0.1
  • WorldEdit not longer Optional because of some Bug issues

Version 0.7

  • Make Compatible to Bukkit 1.1 R3
  • Fixes some Issue in Deleting Region

Version 0.6

  • Workable for MC 1.0.0
  • Added Region Support

Version 0.5

  • Added Settings for each Ore in ech world
  • Disable oreRespawn for a Ore (set Distance to 0)
  • fixed Some bugs
  • make it work for MC1.5

Version 0.4

  • added Commands with Permission Support
  • fixed some bugs

Version 0.3

  • added delay function and new option in config
  • fixed some bugs

Version 0.2

  • added blacklisting player placed stones in a SQLite Database

Version 0.1

  • Releasing the Plugin


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