OrePlus is a server plugin that modifies the amount of ore generated in the world when new chunks are created, without changing the underlying style of generation. Some typical use cases for this plugin would be:

  • Creating additional deposits of diamond/gold/iron/etc. in each newly generated chunk.
  • Creating deposits of ore at depths or sizes different from vanilla Minecraft.
  • Creating deposits of non-ore blocks, or ore-blocks added by other plugins.
  • Preventing an ore from being generated by clearing it out.

OrePlus uses the same algorithm for generating deposits as vanilla Minecraft, so your deposits will look the same as those generated by Minecraft. The plugin can be configured on a per-world basis, in addition to a default configuration. Each configuration consists of a set of rules for either generating or clearing out a single block type. See the Configuration section for more information on configuring the plugin.

There are currently no runtime commands or permissions for changing the generating rules, or for modifying chunks that have already been created.

This plugin is best used in conjunction with a new world, so that all chunks will be created with consistent rules. There is no problem with loading it into an existing world, but any existing chunks at the time the plugin is first loaded will not be affected.


Place the OrePlus.jar file into your plugins directory. The first time you start your server, a default config.yml file will be created with a few rules to add extra ore to your new chunks. See the Configuration section for more information on configuring the plugin. Configuration changes will not take effect until your server is restarted.

Companion Tool

OrePlus is based off of NBToolkit, a collection of command-line tools for offline map processing that includes ore generation. If you wish to use OrePlus in an established world and still maintain consistency across it, you can use NBToolkit to apply an equivalent set of ore generating and clearing rules to your existing chunks.

The project thread can be found here. This tool is not inspected by the BukkitDev staff, and you use it entirely at your own risk. Support for NBToolkit will only be provided via the Minecraft forums project thread or its corresponding GitHub project. I will not provide any support for it here.


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