Ordered Tablist

This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.

Ordered Tablist allows you to choose the order of appearance of players in tablist, based on groups (e.g members of Admin Group first, followed by members of Moderator Group below) and you can put prefixes and suffixes in tab // under player head.

How it works

This plugin create a configuration ("config.yml") and you can configure groups in order you want (And if you want to add a prefix or suffix with 16 characters limit, you can).

# Okay, list of groups below
    perm: "order.1"
    prefix: "&4[ADMIN] &f"
    suffix: "&f"
    perm: "order.2"
    prefix: "&2[MOD] &f"
    suffix: "&f"

You see perm option above? This is so important. You NEED to create a permission there, and after you need to add the permission that you choosed in your permissions plugin (e.g PermissionsEx), and eventually, Ordered Tablist will give the priority, prefix and suffix to the group. If you don't add the permission, plugin will not work correctly.

Our idea

Sometimes we want to priorize appearance of our staff, or Premium groups, and thinking in it that I created this plugin, but I want it can be FFA (Free For All).

Compatibility with CraftBukkit/Spigot

I'm sorry but this plugin only works in versions 1.7.4 or > because this use Teams (Scoreboard) to organize the tablist, and this resource is only available in Minecraft 1.7.4++

We use a Updater too (Only to send a notification for you that have new updates, we DON'T DOWNLOAD anything!).


Comming soon! If you want to make the video, call me in Bukkit Inbox or at Skype jpedro2014 and send me the Video Link and i'll put here (with your credits and your channel name/link). Thank you.

About the Project

Source code: Jump to Github.
License: GNU General Public License (V3) by Free Software Foundation.
Explicação em Português Brasileiro: Clique aqui ver.
Need to contact me?: [email protected] or at Skype jpedro2014

If you can/want to donate and help me to create FFA projects like this, you can with PagSeguro: [email protected]

Enjoy! :)


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