Add OPItems to your Game!

Say goodbye to boring old gameplay and hello to a whole new world of excitement. With OPItems, you'll wield powerful tools like the Cursed Sword, which can take out enemies in a flash and even teleport you around. Need resources? No problem! Just grab the Private Pocket Dimension Wand and hop into your very own resource-rich dimension. And let's not forget about the TNT-Detonator, perfect for blowing stuff up from a distance, or the handy Wand of Home for quick and easy teleportation to your base, which has been fortified with landmines.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg! So why wait? Get your friends and dive into OPItems now!

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Cratfting Recepies


 Important: Crafting is currently not fully working on Paper 1.21! 

(#4 1.20.1s - Issues - OPItems - Bukkit Plugins - Projects - CurseForge)


Added Items:

  • Skull Imitator | Immitates your skull and lets you place it down
  • Portal2Go | Go to the Nether at any time!
  • Cursed Sword | Insta kills Enemys, but spawns them on entering the end & has the ability to teleport the user
  • Private Pocket Dimension Wand | Teleports you into your Private Dimension, which holds plenty of Resources. X & Y Coords stay the same whilst teleporting! Go Back to the Overworld before a server restart!
  • Protective Elytra | Elytra with some extra protection
  • TNT-Detonator | You can select TNT-Blocks, and explode them from any distance!
  • Anti Explosion Helmet | Reduces the Damage from Explosions massively
  • Wand of Home | Set your Home by shift + right-clicking. Teleport to your home by just right-clicking
  • TNT Bow | Shoots an Arrow. Upon Hitting an Block, this arrow will be released into 50 Primed TNTs (Amount can be set in the config)
  • Wand of Blocks | Great Damage, but high backfire. Anti Explosion Helmet recommended (Currently in Beta Stage)
  • Crafter | Opens the a Crafting Table Menu upon right clicking
  • Endsword | Teleports you 8 blocks in the direction you are looking
  • Super Sponge | A Sponge clearing a large areas of water
  • Anti Fall | Removes Fall Damage & Damage from flying into walls as long as it is in your Inventory
  • Fly Feather | Lets you Fly! 
  • Laucher | Launchs you up in the sky!
  • Wand of Boom | A Wand for "little" Explosions
  • Wand of Massive Boom | A wand "big" Explosions
  • Boomer | Shoots TNT
  • Blazer | Shoots fireballs
  • Bower | Shoots Arrows without using any
  • The Anti Damage | Prot. 75
  • The Blocky Sword | Damage 17 
  • Knocky the Stick | Knockback 10
  • PickyPick | A fast Pickaxe with Fortune V
  • Pig Cannon | Shoots pigs!
  • Pig spawn Egg | Only usefull for crafting
  • Blitzer | Summons a thunder on the block, you are looking on
  • Hook of Velocity| An item for fast travel. 
  • Night Visor | Gives you permanently Night Vision when equipped
  • Water Helmet | With this Helmet equipped, you can stay under Water forever
  • Wand of Invisibility | Makes you invisible
  • Speed Leggings | Gives you permanently Speed, when equipped
  • Lava Sponge | A Sponge, that clears Lava in a medium Radius
  • Enderpearler | Throws an Ender Pearl in the direction you are looking
  • Fire Shoes  | Decorative Item: Displays Fire Particles, upon moving
  • Landmine | Explodes when stepped on!
  • Defuser | Defuses Landmines safely
  • Unlimited Water Bucket | Got unlimited water




  • /opitems <help | recipes | gui | update | remove_recipes | skull | version>
  • /items <remove | player_heap | remove_now> 

Debug Commands:

  • /opitems <super_sponge | reset_cursed_sword_list | display_sword_list | cancel_automated_item_removal | reset_landmines>


Additional Features:

  • Automated Item Removal Tool
  • Autoupdater
  • Player Skull Generator



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