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Change the GameMode Easy and in the same time Deop/op somebody

Sry if the name sounds like wtf? but i didnt had any ideas for good plugins but this plugin will have more than a /gp thing ;)

Lets start with the begining:
This plugin is about to change easy your gamemode or to change others gamemode and op /deop in the same time if you specify a number eg: /gp will switch only my gamemode /gp <player> will switch a player in creative if is in survival or survival if is in creative and /gp <player> 0/1 (1 for op and 0 for deop) will op and deop a player


  1. Add a target to switch its gamemode-DONE!
  2. Add a target and 0/1 to deop or op him-DONE!
  3. Add a command /set diamond/iron/gold for full Armor and a sword
  4. Add a command /quit when a player types /quit will be kicked
  5. Add permissions
  6. Add more! ;)


  • v0.1_alpha
    Created plugin.
    added /gp
  • v0.2_alpha
    Added to /gp when setting a player to gamemode 0 will deop him
  • v0.3_alpha
    Some bugs fixed*
  • v0.4_alpha
    Added /gp <target>
  • v0.5_alpha
    Now it will display if the target is ofline
  • v0.6_alpha
    Fixed crashing when typeing /gp without a target
  • v0.7_alpha
    Added a specified GameMode if you want to make a player in the specified gamemode and Op/Deop
  • v0.8_alpha
    Added alias to gamemodes /gp <target> <1/0>
    when you type /gp the plugin wont deop you only if specify a target and a number
    When u set another player on gm and op it will announce him.


Will be added soon ;)

I hope guyz will you like it! Fell free to comment and make suggestions! :D


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