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OnTime Votifier Rewards

The OnTime Rewards system supports the votifier plugin, which enables players to cast votes for a MineCraft server from web sites which also support votifier. Many servers may already have such rewards via a votifier script, but in the case of OnTime, this function is built right in.

OnTime also has the unique capability that players do NOT have to be on the MineCraft server at the time that they cast their votes in order to receive their reward.

In this tutorial I will cover:

  • OnTime Votifier Reward Setup and Configuration
  • Creation of a basic OnTime Votifier reward
  • Creation of a count based OnTime Votifier reward
  • Creation of a playtime based OnTime Votifier reward
  • Creation of an VIP-only ‘exclusive’ OnTime Votifier reward


In order to use OnTime Votifier rewards, the votifier plugin .jar MUST be installed along with OnTime in the server’s “plugins” directory.



The base plugin configuration is found in /plugin/ontime/config.yml, but in the case of OnTime Votifier rewards, there is no configuration required.


There is an additional configuration file plugin/ontime/rewards.yml that is used to configure the various pieces of the OnTime Rewards system. Once again for the ‘votifier’ rewards there is no need to directly edit this file.

Creating Basic Votifier Rewards

The first step in setting up an OnTime Votifier reward is to define the reward or rewards that will be issued to a player when they cast a vote for your system. The creation of the reward is the same for this type of reward as it is for a basic reward.

Let’s say that you want to reward all players 1 diamond, even those that just joined your server, for casting a vote for your system. To do this, you will execute two commands. The first to define (‘add’) the reward to be issued:

\ontime rewards add item 1 diamond tag=vote1Diamond

Then to identify it as a votifier reward, the following command is executed:

\ontime rewards votifier 1

The “1” in this command is the ‘rewardID’, which is a number automatically assigned to rewards based on their time sorted order. Because this is the only reward I have defined I know it must be rewardID=1.

You can always find out the rewardID assignments through use of the command: “/ontime rewards list”. The sorted order number found at the beginning of each reward is the ‘rewardID’.
Alternatively, I can use the “RewardTag” I provided in the ‘add’ command, in place of the RewardID, for that last command.

ontime rewards votifier vote1Diamond

That it! You now have an OnTime Votifier reward of ‘1 diamond’ to be issued when a player votes for your server. If the player is on the server at the time they voted, they will receive the reward almost immediately, otherwise they will receive the reward within a few seconds of their next login.

‘Count’ Votifier Rewards

The system can also be setup such that a specific number of votes are required before a reward issued. In this case the reward ‘add’ is the same, but the ‘votifier’ setting requires an additional parameter. In this case I want to give a player 1000 XP, for every 5 votes cast for my server.

/ontime rewards add xp 1000

/ontime rewards votifier 2 count=5 perpetual

In this example my rewardID=2, since it is the second one I created without specifying a minimum play time. This can be verified with “/ontime rewards list”.

The “perpetual” keyword above specifies that this reward should be issued every five votes. (e.g. upon casting of the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th etc. vote) If instead “single” was specified, this reward would be issued for the 5th vote only. If neither “perpetual” nor “single” are specified in the command then “perpetual” is assumed (the default).

Now I have two votifier rewards set up. For the first four times that a player votes for the system they will receive one diamond. On their fifth vote they will receive one diamond plus 1000 XP.

Votes six through nine will again be one diamond and vote number ten will give them a diamond plus another 1000XP, and so on.

‘playtime’ Votifier Reward

I can also have a votifier reward that will only be issued to a player once they have played a certain amount of time on the server. If they have already met this criteria they will receive the reward immediately, for each and every time they vote. For this example I am going to give the players 500 coins, but only if they have played for 1 day or more on my server.

/ontime rewards add econ 500 1d tag=vote500econ

/ontime rewards votifier vote500econ

Now each vote will yield two rewards one diamond always right away, and 500 coins once the player has been on the server for 1 day. If they have already played for 1 day or more they will get those coins right away.

If a player votes 4 times before they reach 1 day worth of play time, they will received 4x500 coins as soon as they hit that one day mark.

“VIP” Votifier Reward

Now let’s say that I want to give a special reward for votes cast by players that donate to my server. When players donate, I assign them to a permissions group I call “VIP”, so I can create a votifier reward that is only issued to members of that group. In this case I am going to give them 2 emeralds.

/ontime rewards add item 2 emerald tag=voteVIP

/ontime rewards exclusive voteVIP add VIP

/ontime rewards votifier voteVIP

The second command above indicates that this reward should be give exclusively to members of the group “VIP”. I again used the “RewardTag” to identify this reward. I could have used the RewardID, and in this case the rewardID will be #3. So although it was the fourth reward I created, it will be #3 in time sorted order. This can be confusing, and hence why using RewardTags can make reward creation easier.

Now, in addition to getting all of the other votifier rewards, my VIP players will now get an additional 2 emeralds for each vote they cast.



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