Detailed Change Log

OnTime Detailed Change Log


Compiled/Tested with Spigot/Bukkit V1.9; Java8; Vault 1.5.2; Votifier 1.9
  • Recompiled V4.1.3 using Spigot API for MC 1.9. No other changes or fixes


Compiled/Tested with Spigot/Bukkit V1.8.1; Java7; Vault 1.5.2; Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed problem with "indi" rewards info listing time as "9999 days" instead of "(individual)" in reward info display (Ticket #543)
  • Fixed issue where votifier rewards could end up with a 9999 day delay, if redefined from an indi to votifier reward (Ticket #543)
  • Fixed lingering issue with race condition between login and changeWorld events on servers with dedicated 'spawn' worlds. (No Ticket)
Functional Enhancements
  • Added ability to display daily, weekly, and monthly totals for votes and referrals to the "/ontime <player name>" output. (Ticket #541)
New Output Variables
  • [dailyVotes] - Display a players vote total for the current day
  • [weeklyVotes] - Display a player's vote total for the current week
  • [monthlyVotes] - Display a player's vote total for the current month
  • [dailyRerfer] - Display a players referral total for the current day
  • [weeklyRefer] - Display a player's referral total for the current week
  • [monthlyRefer] - Display a player's referral total for the current month


Compiled/Tested with Spigot/Bukkit V1.8.1; Java7; Vault 1.5.2; Votifier 1.9
  • Addressed additional issues with duplicate UUID records created when players change names (Tickets #537, 539)
  • Fixed issue where race condition could happen between change-world and join player events on servers with 'spawn' worlds. (No Ticket)
  • Fixed issue with "multiServerName" set to invalid value by OnTime autoupgrade (Ticket #536)
Functional Enhancements
  • Expanded "uuid" command to support merging of specified player records
  • Added auto merge function, to take care of merging player records (same UUID different player name) on login (MySQL only)
  • Updated API for compatibility with new v2.0.0 of OnSign
New Permissions
  • None
New Configuration Parameters
  • uuidMergeEnable: (Default False) - If 'true' OnTime will automatically merge player records if there are multiple records for a single UUID but different player names.
Modified Commands
  • ontime uuid [merge] <playername 1> {<playername 2>}

Merges player records to create a single record. Valid for both MySQL and YML dataStorage

New Output Variables
  • None
New Configurable Output
  • None


Compiled/Tested with Spigot/Bukkit V1.8.1; Java7; Vault 1.5.2; Votifier 1.9
  • Addressed issue with duplicate UUID records created when players change names (Ticket #537)
  • Fixed issue with daily report SQL syntax error (No Ticket)
  • Fixed issue with online report NPE when logging enabled at level 1 (No Ticket)
  • Addressed issue where player's total time could not be set to zero, and where current login time was always added to any set value. (Ticket #534)
Functional Enhancements
  • Added new 'uuid' command that merges multiple UUID records into a single record (sums times, picks oldest first login, newest playerName, etc.)
  • Added support for negative econ (a.k.a. tax) reward (Ticket # 532)
New Permissions
  • None
New Configuration Parameters
  • None
New Commands
  • ontime uuid [merge]

Helps manage UUIDs in the OnTime database. Merges duplicated UUID records, into a single record.

New Output Variables
  • None
New Configurable Output
  • Rewards: tax - This output is used when negative econ (a.k.a a tax) is imposed on a player


Compiled/Tested with Spigot/Bukkit V1.8.1; Java7; Vault 1.5.2; Votifier 1.9
  • OnTime's config.yml has been restructured to make it easier to find elements within (No Ticket)
  • Fixed output backup function which was not working previously (No Ticket)
  • Fixed issue where players added with "/ontime add player" command were auto-purged on start of next new day. (No Ticket)
  • Fixed MySQL 'backup' methodolgy (No Ticket)
  • Fixed 'Help' file processing that generated errors in OnTime logfile during at plugin startup (No Ticket)
Functional Enhancements
  • UUID Support (Phase II)
  • UUIDs missing for players already in the OnTime database, can be imported from Mojang if available
  • UUIDs are now used to distinguish players
  • If a player changes names, the new name will be auto associated with the UUID, no playtime etc. will be lost
  • If a player tries to login with a player name already associated with a UUID found in the OnTime database, the new UUID will not be tracked. This will prevent confusion in the server of having two players with the same player name (at least from an OnTime perspective)
  • Command added to help manage UUIDs in OnTime's database
  • Added per-world tracking and rewards.
  • The time a player spends in each world on the server is now tracked in addition to the total time spent on the server. This includes total, daily, weekly, and monthly times.
  • Per-world rewards are improved because it is based on the time spent in the world, not just issued in a particular world based on total server time.
  • Improved "AFK" with instant detection when back from AFK
  • Removed requirement that a space " " be inserted in some configurable output strings
New Permissions
  • None
New Configuration Parameters
  • MySQL:multiServerTable - Default = ontime_multiserver
  • perWorldEnable - Default: false
New Commands
  • ontime <other> <worldname>/[ALL] - see player's time in a particular world, or for all worlds
  • ontime uuid [CLEAN | FIND | PURGE | REPLACE]

Helps manage UUIDs in the OnTime database. (Please read command details before using these as records could be lost unintentionally)

New Output Variables
  • None
New Configurable Output
  • dateNotAavailabe: Used when a date/time piece of data is not found.


Compiled/Tested with Bukkit 1.7.9-R0.2; Java7; Vault 1.4.1;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed 'array out of range' error when "/ontime rewards" is executed (TIcket #507)
  • Fixed MySQL error seen when sometimes trying to save the 'online-report' (TIcket #497)
  • Fixed issue where 'ontime-data' is created if it is found missing from MySQL database. (TIcket #492)
  • Fixed issue where players online at the time of a plugin reload are logged in twice when OnTime reloads. (TIcekt # 481)
  • Fixed multi-server (e.g. Bungee) support problem where player data was lost or recorded incorrectly when players were OnLine at midnight (No Ticket)
  • Fixed console errors seen sometimes with 'audit logout' function (Ticket #476 & #473)


Compiled/Tested with Bukkit 1.7.2-R0.3; Java7; Vault 1.2.31;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed another NPE issue of 'null' UUIDs (Ticket #470)


Compiled/Tested with Bukkit 1.7.2-R0.3; Java7; Vault 1.2.31;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed issue of rapid promotions for votifier-based rewards. (Ticket #458)
  • Fixed NPE issue of 'null' UUIDs (Ticket #465)
  • Fixed problem with 'days on' rewards not schdeduled properly (Ticket #437)


Compiled/Tested with Bukkit 1.7.2-R0.3; Java7; Vault 1.2.31;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed MySQL 'Insert' error prevention storage of new player data. (Ticket #460)
  • Fixed NPE issue on player change world event while server is starting up (No Ticket)


Compiled/Tested with Bukkit 1.7.2-R0.3; Java7; Vault 1.2.31;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed NPE error in "/ontime rewards recur" command when RewardTags are used. (Ticket #444)
  • Fixed array index error in AFK reporting (Ticket #451)
  • Fixed issue where referral source was not properly stored in the MySQL database. (Ticket #455)
  • Improved OnTime performance in many areas: (Ticket #445)
  • Auto save function
  • Votifier stats and reward processing
  • Player quit events
  • Report generation
Functional Enhancements
  • Added player executable command to purchase from reward shops (Ticket #420)
  • Added ability to disable votifier statistics collection, in support of multiple server environments (Ticket #446)
  • Added option where players will only be eligible for per-world rewards if they are on the world for a specific reward, at the time the reward is issued. Normally rewards are held until the player moves to the right world, but in this case the reward will be discarded if they are "off world". (No Ticket)
  • UUID Support (Phase I)
  • UUID information on players will now be collected and stored (both YML and MySQL methods). In this release the UUID information will NOT be used to verify a player's OnTime record, so if a player were to change their game ID, a new OnTime record will be created. (Ticket #442)
  • UUID can now be added to the output for the "/ontime <playerName>" command. (Ticket #442)
  • Improved handling of corruptions found in the "output.yml" file to help admins diagnose and fix YML syntax errors (Ticket #449)
  • Improved confirmation of reward edit when "/ontime rw refer" and "/ontime rw votifier" are used (No ticket)
New Permissions
  • ontime.rewards.purchase -

When 'true' players will be able purchase 'shop rewards' with the command "/ontime rewards purchase <rewardTag>". Default is 'true', (Ticket #420)

New Configuration Parameters
  • NONE
New Commands
  • ontime rewards purchase <RewardID/RewardTag>
New Output Variables
  • [uuid] - A player's Universal User ID
New Configurable Output
  • NONE


Compiled/Tested with Bukkit 1.7.2-R0.3; Java7; Vault 1.2.31;Votifier 1.9
  • Corrected error in saving vote data in playerdata.yml (Ticket #417)
  • Fixed issue where votes rewards not issued properly when votes made on multiple web sites (Ticket #419)
  • Fixed issue with player 'online' status tracking when '/ontime reload players' command is executed (Ticket #423)
  • Fixed spelling error in AFK message (Ticket #430)
  • Fixed issue where vote and referral counts were incorrectly counted in multi-server systems (Ticket #439)
  • Fixed issue where server would hang if online resource needed to check for new plugin versions is unavailable. (No Ticket)
  • Fixed issue where JDBC library was not auto-loaded when missing (No Ticket)
  • Fixed problem where 'ontime import yml' was not working with new playerdata.yml format (No Ticket)
  • Fixed issue with online player report that sometimes resulted in duplicate entries (No Ticket)
Functional Enhancements
  • Added 'lastVote' (date) to data set available via OnTime's API (Ticket #424)
  • Improved error handling of corrupt playerdata.yml files (Ticket #423)
  • Added command so "shop" rewards can be purchased for a specified player via command (Ticket #420)
  • Improved online reporting to update based on players in that table (improved performance) (Ticket #410)
  • Improved task scheduling for online reports to improve performance (Ticket #410)
New Permissions
  • NONE
New Configuration Parameters
  • NONE
New Commands
  • ontime rewards purchase <RewardID/RewardTag> <playerName>
New Output Variables
  • NONE
New Configurable Output
  • NONE


Compiled with Bukkit 1.7.2-R0.2; Java7; Vault 1.2.29;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed NPE when "/ontime <playerName>" is executed for players without "ontime.track" permission. (Ticket #400)
  • Fixed start up error when MySQL stored server data held unexpected values (Ticket #405)
  • Fixed issue where errors generated on player login when 'rewards' are disabled (Ticket #407)


Compiled with Bukkit 1.7.2-R0.2; Java7; Vault 1.2.29;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed NPE on auto-report when MySQL connection is dormant (No ticket)
  • Fixed issue with playerData.yml failing on player names that have special characters. (Ticket #253 and Ticket #342)
  • Fixed issue where Essentials kicked players not handed by OnTime correctly (Ticket #333)
  • Fixed problem with 'top weekly votes' OnSigns not working (Ticket #388)
  • Addressed problem of NPE on player logout event on busy servers during a server restart (Ticket #386)
  • Fixed problem of duplicate player entries in Online Tracking Report (Ticket #394)
  • Corrected endless loop when 'days on' rewards are issued (Ticket #396)
  • Fixed server lag issue seen when OnLine Tracking reports are enabled (Ticket #397)
  • Fixed issues with 'top total' vote and referral rewards failures (No Ticket)
  • Fixed problem with player re-login following a full plugin reload (No Ticket)
Functional Enhancements
  • Added rewards that are world specific (Ticket #224 & Ticket #373)
  • Added tracking of server hostName for players upon first login (requires MySQL) (Ticket #371)
  • Added storage of votifier stats per day, week, & month to dataStorage: YML (Ticket #379)
  • Added option to output server time in "/ontime" and "/ontime <playerName>" commands (Ticket #381)
  • Added support for 'exclusive' Votifier rewards (Ticket #390)
  • Added 'top total points' reward support (Ticket #392)
  • Improved configuration of output of time until a players next reward (No Ticket)
  • Added "world" info to "reward info" command output (Ticket #224 + Ticket #373)
New Configuration Parameters
  • totalTopPointReward - Default = disable; specifies when top point total rewards should be issued
Changed/Enhanced Commands
  • ontime rewards add (parameters) world=<worldName>
  • ontime rewards edit <rewardID/rewardTag> world <worldName>
  • ontime rewards edit <rewardID/rewardTag> tag <rewardTag>
  • ontime rewards top <rewardID/rewardTag> points total <place>
New Output Variables
  • [serverTime ] - Used to display the current date/time for the server
New Configurable Output
  • rightWorld: output when world specific reward is issued
  • otherWorld: output when world specific reward is earned, but player is not in that world
  • timeToReward: made more configurable the output of the time until a players next reward


Compiled with Bukkit 1.6.4-R2.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.27;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed issue with hostName length MySQL Error (Ticket #384)
  • Fixed issue with NPE error on player login during server startup or plugin reload (Ticket #384)
  • Fixed issue with OnTime playerData table creation for new servers (Ticket #385)
  • Fixed issue with reward commands not working while OnTime is in suspend mode (No Ticket)


Compiled with Bukkit 1.6.4-R2.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.27;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed reward.yml ‘rewardIDcounter’ increment problem (No Ticket)
  • Improved handling of “ontime.track” permission (No Ticket)
  • Fixed problem in output of "/ontime" when rewardsEnable and messageEnable both set to false. [Ticket #363]
  • Fixed issue where players sometimes ended up with HUGE playtimes (Ticket #369)
  • Fixed handling of kicked players (Ticket #333)
Functional Enhancements
  • Added ability to use RewardTag in addition to RewardID in all commands
  • Expanded API to provide access to “total points”
  • Added commands to set and modify RewardTags
  • Added “reward shop” capabilities
  • Added ability to set votifier “count” rewards to be single instance only (Ticket #360)
  • Added ability to see RewardTags in “reward list” command
  • Added recommended permission group settings (see below) (Ticket #361)
  • Added collection and storage of player’s hostname upon first login
New/Removed Permission

No permission strings were added, but sets of recommended permissions defaults were created.

  • ontime.player.*
  • ontime.moderator.*
  • ontime.admin.*

(Click here for more information)

The permission group of "ontime.*" was removed becuase it was causing some problems when used incorrectly.

New Commands
  • ontime rewards edit <RewardId> tag=<RewardTag>
  • ontime rewards shop [econ/points] <RewardID/RewardTag> <amount>
Changed/Enhanced Commands
  • ontime rewards add <parameters> tag=<RewardTag>
  • ontime rewards list tags
  • ontime rewards votifier <RewardID/RewardTag> count=xx [perpetual/single]
New Output Variables
  • [balance] - Used to display player's econ balance


Compiled with Bukkit 1.6.4-R2.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.27;Votifier 1.9
  • Tested to work Bukkit v1.6.4 (No Ticket)
  • Fixed NPE error when using SuperPerms and permission groups (no Ticket)
  • Fixed error on player removal and 'ontime-online' table. (Ticket #365)
  • Fixed issue with "days ago" not incrementing (Ticket #364)


Compiled with Bukkit 1.6.2-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.26;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed issue where perpetual, hourly rewards were scheduled as daily rewards upon player's first login (Ticket #356)
  • Fixed MYSQL error that occurs on established database when "pointsEnable" is faluse (Ticket #357)
  • Fixed issue with 'real' time votifier rewards being scheduled as 'play' time rewards (Ticket #362)
  • Fixed syntax handling error when "ontime add" is executed with no other parameters (No Ticket)


Compiled with Bukkit 1.6.2-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.26;Votifier 1.9
  • Added BukkitDev compliant 'new plugin version' check function


Compiled with Bukkit 1.6.2-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.26;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed NPE during player data purge (Ticket #343)
  • Added error checking and handling when plugin attempts to set "days on" to a value larger than "days since join" (Ticket #349)
  • Fixed error where customized player messages for 'command' rewards was not working (Ticket #350)
  • Fixed NPE when "/ontime" is used on players that are offline (Ticket #352)
  • Removed use of 'MCSTATS', which is no longer active (No Ticket)
  • Fixed error in message when players refer themselves (No Ticket)
  • Fixed errors in "import reports" functions (No Ticket)
  • Fixed issue witih MySQL errors sometime happening following certain config.yml changes (No Ticket)
Functional Enhancements
  • Full OnTime functions now compatible with Bukkit 1.2.5 (and Tekkit classic) ! (Ticket #344)
  • It is now possible to control which players are tracked by OnTime via permission node (Ticket #348)
  • Added "points" as an additional reward type. (Ticket #335)
  • Added "absent from server" reward trigger (No Ticket)
  • Added "player death" reward trigger (No Ticket)
  • Change default of "" to "true" (No Ticket)
  • Improved configuration handling to detect inconsistency with messageEnable and welcomeEnable (Ticket #339)
  • Improved configuration handling to detect inconsistency with MySQL storage and onlineTrackingEnable (Ticket #345)
Other Plugin Integration
  • Use of MCStats has been removed. This service to collect information about plugin usage has been discontinued by the author.
New Commands
  • ontime rewards absence <rewardID>

Allows rewards admin to change the event designation of an existing reward to 'absence'

  • ontime rewards death <rewardID>

Allows rewards admin to change the event designation of an existing reward to 'death'

  • ontime subtract points <playerName> <# points>

Allows admin to remove points from a player's total

  • ontime subtract total <playerName> <dd>D <hh>H <mm>M

Allows admin to subtract time from a player's play time total

Modified Commands
  • ontime add player <playerName>

Allows admin to add a player to OnTime's database.

  • ontime add points <playerName> <# points>

Allows admin to add points to a players total

  • ontime add total <playerName> <dd>D <hh>H <mm>M

Allows admin to add time to a player's play time total

  • ontime set points <playerName> <# points>

Allows admin to set a player's point total

  • ontime rewards add points <# points> {additional parameters}

Allows rewards admin to define a 'points' reward

  • ontime rewards <rewardType> {parameters} <dd>D absence {additional parameters}

Allows rewards admin to define a reward that is to be issued each day when a player is absent from a server after <dd> days

  • ontime rewards <rewardType> {parameters} death

Allows rewards admin to define a reward that is to be issued every time a player dies

  • ontime top <#> points

Displays the top <#> of players based on 'points', and sorted from highest to lowest

New Configuration
  • pointsEnable

When true then 'points' will be tracked for players. (default: false)

  • negativePointsEnable

When 'true' players point totals will be allowed to go less than zero. (default: false)

New Permission
  • ontime.track

When 'true' players will be tracked by OnTime, and data collected for that player.. Default is 'true', (Ticket #348)

New Output Variables
  • [points] - Used to display player's point total
Configurable Output Enhancements
  • output.reward.points

New output message to players when they receive a "points" reward

  • output.eventref.point

String used for misc displays regarding points.(e.g. 'top' command)


Compiled with Bukkit 1.6.2-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.26;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed NPE error on player events when oniineTracking:Enable but MySQL-enable:false (Ticket #345)
  • Addressed OnSign plugin API incompatibility issue (No Ticket)


Compiled with Bukkit 1.5.2-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.26;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed error with “null” appearing in Top rewards player messages (Ticket #332)
  • Fixed excessive messaging to OnTimeERROR.TXT on player login/logout (Ticket #336)
  • Fixed error with handling of extended “Top” commands (no Ticket)
  • Fixed “ontime set” command improper handling when no time was specified in the command (no Ticket)
  • Fixed problem when many players have “ontime .top.exclude” permission and Top Lists were not fully populated. (No Ticket)
  • Fixed issue with misspelling of “monthlyPlayReportEnable” in config.yml (No Ticket)
Functional Enhancements
  • Added MYSQL storage option of OnTime reports to complement current TXT, and HTML options. (Ticket #257)
  • Added admin configurable MYSQL storage option of an online status “report” for all online users. (Ticket #257)
  • Added permission string (ontime.purge.exclude) to provide a way to prevent players from being removed from OnTime database by the OnTime purge function. (Ticket #263)
  • Added configuration option to display playtimes in any combination of Days, Hours, and Minutes. (Ticket #306)
  • Expanded API to give access to daily, weekly, monthly, and totals of players voting and referral information. (Ticket #312)
  • Added ability to show player’s highest rank in the “ontime top” output. (No Ticket)
  • Added output configuration for text used related to “AFK” status. (No Ticket)
  • Added output configuration option to list a player’s current highest rank in the “ontime <playername>” and “ontime (me)” commands. (No Ticket)
  • Added configurable, automated purging of old OnTime total, weekly, monthly, and daily reports. (No Ticket)
  • Added configurable output for the “ontime rewards next” command. (No Ticket)
  • Expanded API to give access to “top ten” data for total, daily, weekly and monthly information; for playtime, votes, and referrals. (in support of OnSign enhancement)
Modified Commands
  • ontime top <#> [playtime/votes/refer] +rank
New Configuration
  • dailyReportRetention: -1
  • weeklyReportRetention: -1
  • monthlyReportRetention: -1
  • afkReportRetention: -1

Settings for the number of days OnTime generated reports are retained before they are automatically deleted by the plugin. (Set to -1 to disable)

  • onlineTrackingEnable: false

Enable if OnLine tracking MYSQL table should be maintained

  • onlineTrackingRefresh: 5

The rate in minutes at which the OnLine tracking MYSQL table is refreshed

New Permission
  • ontime.purge.exclude

When “true” a player’s records will never be automatically purged from the OnTime database. (Default: false)

New Output Variables
  • [rank] - Player's current (highest) rank (a.k.a group)
Configurable Output Enhancements
  • Output.error.playerAFK

This existing output configuration is now used anywhere OnTime generates output that indicates a player’s status is currently AFK.

  • timeDetail: DDHHMM

The timeDetail is used for output of player’s time played in commands such as “/ontime <playername>” and specifies if the information should be expressed in terms of days, hours, minutes, or any combination of these.

  • “ontime reward next” Command Output

The operator can now configure the various output associated with this command. (Please see output.yml for details)

  • onlineReport:

The admin can specify what data should be stored in the MYSQL based “OnLine” report. (See output.yml for default setting.)


Compiled with Bukkit 1.5.2-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.25;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed NPE error when both rewards and messages are disabled (Ticket #320)
  • Fixed error with command rewards use of [player] for mixed case player names (Ticket #321)
  • Fixed compile error resulting in "no such function error" related to afkTerminator when that plugin was not installed (Ticket #325)


Compiled with Bukkit 1.5.2-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.25;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed issues with "logblock" plugin export and data save. This export now works again! (Ticket #293)
  • Fixed issue with "" permission not working. (Ticket #305)
  • Fixed issue where player data not saved to MYSQL database when migrating from YML to MYSQL storage. (Ticket #310)
  • Fixed NPE that occurs sometimes on player logout. (Ticket #316)
  • Fixed issue with OnTime's purge function when running with MYSQL storage. Players are now properly purged. (No Ticket)
Functional Enhancements
  • Added "[voteSource]" to supported variables for "command" rewards for use in conjunction with votifier rewards. (Ticket #302)
  • Improved formatting for command rewards such that a space is no longer required before and after supported variables. (Ticket #303)
  • Added top ten list command for daily (default), weekly, and monthly AFK times. (Ticket #205)
  • Added purge "reward" function. This allows admins to define actions (e.g. commands) to be taken on a player when they are purged by OnTime for lack of play. (No Ticket)
New Commands
  • ontime top <#> afk [today/week/month]
  • ontime rewards <rewardID> purge


Compiled with Bukkit 1.5.2-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.25;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed major issue with saving player data when using MySQL (introduced in v3.8.4) (Ticket #300)
  • Fixed issue with long player names causing error when generating reports
  • Fixed issue where sometime players were given very large number of "days on"


Compiled with Bukkit 1.5.2-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.25;Votifier 1.9
  • Fixed MySQL issue on player logout (introduced in v3.8.3) (Ticket #299)
  • Fixed issue with HTML report output not including total server time in daily, weekly, monthly reports (Ticket #297)


Compiled with Bukkit 1.5.2-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.25;Votifier 1.9
  • Added support for mixed case player names when interfacing with econ plugins (Ticket #246)
  • Improved handling of players that login and logoff within 5 seconds (Ticket #279)
  • Fixed typo in default version of output.yml resulting in bad output for votifier rewards (Ticket #282)
  • Fixed issue where player names 15 or 16 characters long were truncated in reports and screen output (Ticket #287)
  • Fixed NPE seen sometimes with '/ontime' command (Ticket #289)
  • Fixed NPE seen randomly on player login (Ticket #294)
  • Fixed issues with LogBlock import when dataStorage: MYSQL is used (Ticket #293)


Compiled with Bukkit 1.4.7-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.25
  • No longer including patpeter sqlibrary. Replaced with a lighter set of sql functions


Compiled with Bukkit 1.4.7-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.25
  • Fixed error where OnTime reports would fail for servers with >9999 player entries (Ticket#269)
  • Fixed Issue with promotion rewards happening inconsistently (Ticket #267, #264)
  • Fixed issue with not working due to plugin timing error (Ticket #260)


Compiled with Bukkit 1.4.7-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.25
Functional Enhancements
  • Added "top ten" lists for votes and referrals on a daily, weekly, monthly, and total basis (Tickets #231, #160)
  • Added function to display the names of all players referred by a specified player (Requires MYSQL) (Ticket #150)
  • Added function to suggest possible player names, when name used in the "referred by" command is not in the OnTime database (Requires MYSQL) (Ticket #232)
  • Added function to find players in database 'like' a name, when the exact name is not found. When there are multiple possible matches, they will be displayed to the user of the 'ontime <playerName>' command. (Requires MYSQL)
  • Global (multi & mirrored) world support of permission and group rewards. (Group changes/promotion/demotion and permission add/remove applied equally to all worlds where rewards are enabled.) (Ticket #215)
  • Admin configurable output for "referred by" commands
  • Admin configurable output for when no OnTime record is found for a player specified in a command
  • Added basic API to allow other plugins to access some OnTime data
  • Added Automated backup of output.yml, rewards.yml, and config.yml when OnTime does auto updates to these files.
New Commands
  • ontime top <#> vote [total/today/week/month]
  • ontime top <#> refer [total/today/week/month]
  • referred list <playerName>
New Permission
  • ontime.referredby.list

When true a player is able to execute the "referred list <playerName>" command.

  • Fixed issue where long player names (>14 chars) were losing their first character when added to OnTime reports. (Ticket #209)


Compiled with Bukkit 1.4.7-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.24
Functional Enhancements
  • Improved handling of econ plugin related errors when econ rewards are issued but fail
  • Fixed issue where player names similar to OnTime command will execute commands (ticket #236)
  • Fixed issue with console error messages on player login (sometimes) when using PEX or GroupManager permission plugins (Ticket #237)
  • Fixed issue with error when 'referred by' is used with YML storage option (ticket #238)
  • Fixed issue where enable MySQL database is not upgraded properly when dataStorage=YML (Ticket #243)
  • Fixed issue wiht console error messages on 'new day' activities when rewards are disabled (Ticket #248)
  • Fixed error with auto-update function for the OnTime/output.yml
  • Fixed error in OnTime/rewards.yml file version number


Compiled with Bukkit 1.4.7-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.24
  • Fixed MySQL errors related to storage of new daily, weekly, and monthly vote and referral data
  • Fixed issue where players were not receiving credit for referrals made when no referral rewards were defined


Compiled with Bukkit 1.4.7-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.24
Functional Enhancements
  • Improved MySQL performance significantly (Ticket #210)
  • Added collection of AFK daily, weekly, and monthly totals (requires MySQL) (Ticket #165)
  • Added collection of Voting daily, weekly, and monthly totals (requires MySQL)
  • Added collection of Referrals daily, weekly, and monthly totals (requires MySQL)
  • Added Top Voting Player Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rewards (requires MySQL)
  • Added Top Referring Player Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rewards (requires MySQL)
  • Added "add group" and "remove group" rewards (Ticket #202)
  • Added "promotion" reward (this replaces the "group" reward)
  • Added "demotion" reward
  • Added report of AFK times
  • Modified referral rewards "count" handling so rewards are issued every 'x' counts instead of only when the 'x' count is reached.
  • Expanded "ontime <player>" default output to include AFK statistics
  • Added "player is AFK/Not AFK" server broadcast messages
  • Modified reward output so that item names are no longer 'shouted' in all upper case letters. (Ticket #198)
  • Added permission that allows players to be excluded from top lists and top rewards (Ticket #181)
New Configuration


  • permission-string: default setting


  • collectPlayDetailEnable: true

Enable/Disable detailed (daily/weekly/monthly) PLAYING TIME collection (Replaces collectDailyEnable, collectWeeklyEnable, & collectMonthlyEnable)

  • collectVoteDetailEnable: false

Enable/Disable detailed (daily/weekly/monthly) VOTE collection (requires MySQL)

  • collectReferDetailEnable: false

Enable/Disable detailed (daily/weekly/monthly) REFERRAL collection (requires MySQL)

  • autoReportEnable: true

Enable if DAILY/WEEKLY/MONTLY reports should be auto-generated

  • dailyPlayReportEnable: true
  • weeklyPlayReportEnable: true
  • montlyPlayReportEnable: true

If 'autoReportEnable is true' then, enable various DAILY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY reports. (Replaces collectDailyEnable, collectWeeklyEnable, & collectMonthlyEnable)

  • collectAfkEnable: false

If AFK is enable, also enable this for AFK history collection and reporting

  • afkReportPeriod: Week

If AFK Collecting/Reporting is enabled, then set the period for AFK reporting/sorting.

  • totalTopPlayReward: weekly

When should rewards be issued to the overall top (total OnTime) players? (replaces totalTopReward)

  • totalTopVoteReward: disable

When should rewards be issued to the overall top voting players?

  • totalTopReferReward: disable

When should rewards be issued to the overall top referring players?

New Permission
  • ontime.afk.collect

When true collect AFK data for the player or group

  • ontime.afk.notifiy

When true will report the AFK on/off status for a player


When true, player is excluded from displayed OnTime Top Player lists and OnTime Top rewards

New Output Variables
  • [afkToday] - How long has a player been AFK today
  • [afkWeek] - How long has a player been AFK this week
  • [afkMonth] - How long has a player been AFK this month
  • [eventRef] - The reward event reference: playtime(play), vote (vote), or referral (refer)
New Commands
  • ontime rw add addgroup <group name> {<scope>} {<dd>D <hh>H <mm>M}
  • ontime rw add rmgroup <group name> {<scope>} {<dd>D <hh>H <mm>M}
  • ontime rw add addperm <permission string> {<scope>} {<dd>D <hh>H <mm>M}
  • ontime rw add rmperm <permission string> {<scope>} {<dd>D <hh>H <mm>M}
  • ontime rw add promotion <group name> {<scope>} {<dd>D <hh>H <mm>M}
  • ontime rw add demotion <group name> {<scope>} {<dd>D <hh>H <mm>M}
Modified Commands
  • ontime rewards top <rewardID> [play/vote/refer] [daily/weekly/monthly/total] <start place> {<end place>}
Deprecated (removed) Commands
  • ontime rw add group <group name> {<scope>} {<dd>D <hh>H <mm>M}
Deprecated (removed) Permissions
  • collectDailyEnable
  • collectWeeklyEnable
  • collectMonthlyEnable
  • totalRewardDailyEnable
  • totalRewardWeeklyEnable
  • totalRewardMonthlyEnable
  • totalRewardTotalEnable
  • totalTopReward
  • Fixed issue where some players were missing from the OnTime Reports (Ticket #209)
  • Fixed issue where players with names that start with same 3 or 4 characters as some OnTime commands were resulting in the command running instead of displaying OnTime stats. (Ticket #212)
  • Fixed issue with linked ranking rewards were putting groups that should have been excluded from promotions (such as admin) into low ranked groups. (Ticket #216)
  • Fixed issue with monthly totals not resetting to zero at the beginning of a new month when MySQL dataStorage option is used (Ticket #219)
  • Fixed issue with OnTime deleting all playerData.yml information when there is a bad entry in that file. (Ticket #220)


  • Fixed issue with OnTime not recognizing presence of AfkTerminator, and properly removing time spent in AFK Machine


Compiled with Bukkit 1.4.7-R1.0; Java7; Vault 1.2.23
Functional Enhancements
  • Added import of player data from OnTime Reports (all or inidividual players)
  • Added import of player data from OnTime formated 'playerdata.yml' files (all or individual players)
  • Added "reload" of OnTime Output.yml via command (Ticket #175)
  • Allow MySQL password to be null or blank (Ticket #191)
Plugin Integration
  • Integration with "AfkTerminator" plugin, preventing players from gaining playtime when using AFK Machines
New Commands
  • ontime import yml playerdata.yml {[replace]} {<playername>}
  • ontime import report <filename> {[replace]} {<playername>}
  • ontime reload output
  • Fixed conflicts with players logging in during MySQL exports {Ticket #149)
  • Fixed Votifier invalid error messages (Ticket #170)
  • Fixed Votifier votes not being counted for brand new players (Ticket #170)
  • Fixed issue where 'config.yml' was not being loaded with "ontime reload" or "ontime reload all" commands (Ticket #188)
  • Fixed issue with syntax error on "ontime reward exclusive remove" command. (Ticket #196)
  • Fixed issue with group/rank "downgrades" occurring with 'referred by' rewards that granted group change (Ticket #200)


  • Complied with Bukkit 1.4.7-R1.0; Java.7
  • Fixed nullpointer error on "ontime <player>" output when no rewards are defined (Ticket #173)
  • Fixed PatPeter MySQL library conflict errors (Ticket #182)
  • Fixed "referred by" count storage error (Ticket # 184)
  • Fixed issue with daily rewards not issued on time=0 (Ticket #185)
  • Fixed kit reward component creation error
  • Added warnings on incompatible configuration settings for mysql
  • Fixed issue with playerdata.yml generation on first time new installs
  • Fixed issue with output.yml updates


  • Never Released


  • Fixed rewards.yml upgrade issue
  • Fixed issue with playerdata.yml not being found on new insatallations


  • Compiled with CB 1.4.5-R1.0; Tested with Bukkit 1.4.7-R0.1
  • Complied with Java7 (Ticket #161)
  • If MySQL is used, SQLibrary.jar is REQUIRED to be loaded into plugins directory
Functional Enhancements:
  • Added Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rewards (Standard, perpetual, and recurring)
  • Added reward linking (Ticket #162)
  • Added 'real time' and delta definition for automated rewards (used for linked rewards)
  • Added "message" reward type
  • Added "denial" reward type (a.k.a. permission removal)
  • Added configurable per-reward messaging
  • Added ability to disable messages on a per-reward basis
  • Added ability to suspend and resume all OnTime functions (Ticket #110)
  • Added commands to enable/configure OnTime logging function in game/from console
  • Added enable/disable of use of permission strings for 'referred by' tracking (requires MySQL) (Ticket #127)
  • Added option to use minutes for time when importing from a generic YML file. (Ticket #167)
  • Added option to import from an OnTime formatted playerdata.yml file
  • Added option to import a single player's data from a .YML file (OnTime formatted or generic)
  • Added support for "backup" when using MySQL storage. Only player data loaded on the server will be saved to a YML file. "Import" function can then be used to recover all saved data or a specified user's data.
  • Improved output format of "ontime rewards list"; added support of scope and time reference
  • Improved output of time values making them consistent across commands and configurable
Configurable Output Enhancements:
  • Added configurable output for "No Player Found" for "/ontime <other>" command
  • Added configurable output for time. (e.g. "Day", "Hr", "Min", "Seconds") (Ticket #138)
  • Added [voteService] as configurable output for votifier rewards (Ticket #147)
  • Added [scope] and [scopetime] as configurable output for rewards in support of daily, weekly, and montly rewards.
  • Plugin will now verify proper configuration and availability of MySQL, and cancel startup if incorrect.
  • Fixed auto-update of 'broadcast enable' portion of config.yml
  • Fixed MySQL library compatibility issue (Ticket #163)
  • Fixed problem with rewards processing sometimes beginning before permissions plugin load is completed (Ticket #154)
  • Fixed problem with votifier reward statistics not updated correctly (requires MySQL)
Changed/Enhanced Commands:
  • ontime reward add message <msgTag> {parameters}
  • ontime reward add denial <permission string> {parameters}
  • ontime reward add <reward type> <parameters> [msg=]{[default, off],<msgtag>}
  • ontime reward edit <rewardID> [msg=]{[default, off],<msgtag>}
  • ontime reward add <rewardID> {parameters} {[total, weekly, daily, monthly]} {[real, delta, total]}
  • ontime set [total, days, first] <playerName> {<dd>D} {<hh>H} {<mm>M}
New Commands:
  • ontime console [enable] <level>
  • ontime logfile [enable/disable] {<level>]
  • ontime resume
  • ontime reward link <rewardID> <rewardID>
  • ontime suspend {<dd>D} {<hh>H} {<mm>M}
New Configurations:
  • Added configuration for startup delay needed in some small minority of server environments (Ticket #154)
  • Added enable/disable of use of permission strings for 'referred by' tracking (requires MySQL) (Ticket #127)
  • Added configuration of the table name used for OnTime player data in MySQL databases (Ticket #166)
New Permissions:
  • ontime.logfile.admin - Allows use of the "ontime logifle" and "ontime console" commands
  • ontime.suspend - Allows use of the "ontime suspend" and "ontime resume" commands


  • Fixed Issue where count of votifier votes and last date voted were not being stored properly in MySQL database (Ticket #158)
  • Fixed null pointer problem when player returned from AFK on servers with OnTime Rewards disabled (Ticket #157)
  • Modified handling of votifier reward 'count=' parameter, such that rewards are now issued on every 'x'th vote, not just one time when the vote count reaches 'x'. (Ticket #158)


  • Fixed 'null pointer' error seen when "referred by" commands are executed on servers using dataStorage=YML. (Servers using MySQL for OnTime data storage will not suffer from this error.) (Ticket #156)


  • Fixed 'lag/crash at midnight' problem for large servers using MySQL storage option (Ticket #153)


  • Fixed Null Pointer Exception on rare issue with player logout (Ticket # 136)
  • Fixed Problem where server broadcast messages not issued for votifier and other events (Ticket #135)
  • Fixed issue where "ontime set dayson" only worked for online players. (Ticket #137)
  • Fixed problem with "ontime rewards set", where all set commands executed immediately (Ticket #140)


  • Compiled with Bukkit 1.3.2-R3.0; Verified compatibility with CraftBukkit 1.4.2-R0.3
  • Major modifications to "ontime rewards" command syntax for consistancy between commands
  • Added storage of first login time stamp (requires MYSQL) (Ticket #111)
  • Added command to set/modify first login time stamp
  • Added server broadcast option when rewards issued to a player (Ticket #99)
  • Added use of MySQL storage of 'referred by' data to verify if player has alrady been referred (Ticket #114)
  • Added back in display of mixed-case player names (requires MySQL)
  • Added reward issued on number of different days played (Ticket #112)
  • Enhanced auot-update of config.yml to support this new release
  • Improved performance on export of all playerdata to MySQL database (Ticket #121)
  • Fixed issue with 'error' message in console for 'help.txt' blank lines (Ticket #113)
  • Fixed LogBlock import issues on large databases (Ticket #117)
  • Fixed issue with auto udpdate of output.yml
  • Fixed error in generation of playerdata.yml when there are no players
  • Fixed error in MySQL database reconnect on timeout
  • Fixed error in OnTime version checking on Spigot servers (Ticket #119)
  • Fixed error when referral reward not issued due to player's full inventory (Ticket #128)
  • Fixed issue where votifier rewards not issued immediately (required plugin reload) (Ticket #129)
  • New Player Permissions:
  • ontime.welcome_msg (true = welcome message will be broadcast to whole server when player joins) (Ticket #124)
  • New Configurations:
  • rewardBroacastEnable (true = messages defined in output.yml will be broadcast to all online players on any reward issued)
  • New Commands:
  • ontime set first <playerName> <dd>d
  • ontime test votifier <playerName> <voteSource>
  • ontime rewards dayson <rewardID> <dd>d


  • Compiled with Bukkit 1.3.2-R3.0; Verified compatibility with Bukkit 1.4.2-R0.3
  • Fixed 'help.txt' invalid line error (Ticket #113)
  • Fixed SQL error at 'setOntimeDataMySQL' (Ticket #121)
  • Improved handling of 'ontime export mysql' to reduce chance of hanging server on very large databases
  • Enhanced Commands:
  • ontime export mysql {<first> <last>}


  • Fixed error with generation/update of output.yml file.


  • Compiled with Bukkit 1.3.2-R1.0; fully tested with Bukkit 1.3.2-R1.0, 1.3.1-R2.0, and 1.2.5-R5.0
  • Tested and compiled with Bukkit 1.2.5-R5.0 for use with Tekkit and other servers (Ticket #94)
  • Auto-update of ontime/config.yml and ontime/output.yml
  • Added Enchanted Items rewards (Ticket #76)
  • Added Potions rewards
  • Added sub-items rewards
  • Added 'vote count' rewards (Ticket #96)
  • Added 'referral count' rewards (Ticket #56)
  • Added configurable report file names and folder (Ticket #101)
  • Added collection of new data (all of the following require MySQL)
  • Number of votes cast by a player (Ticket #95)
  • Date of last vote cast by a player (Ticket #95)
  • Number of referrals made by a player
  • Number of votes cast from a particular website (Ticket #95)
  • Added configurable output options: [lastVote],[referredby],[referrals],and [votes]
  • Added 'top 10' list for votes cast by players and per source website
  • Added configurable output option: [firstLogin] to output date of player's first login on the server (Ticket #83)
  • Added "ontime help" for enchantments, potions, and sub-ids
  • Added administrator configurable "help.txt" for creation of customized "help" output to players
  • Addressed issue where players could get around 'AFK' by riding endlessly in a mine cart (Ticket #97)
  • Fixed issue where rewards with duplicate times were not always working (Ticket #98)
  • Fixed issue with AFK time not displaying correctly in '/ontime <playername>' (Ticket #100)
  • Fixed reported 'Nulll Pointer' errors (Ticket #102)
  • Fixed issue with TodayDate not found during server startup
  • Fixed issue with report output error on long player names
  • Fixed issue where Tekkit 'fake players' were being tracked as real players
  • Fixed null pointer error when Rewards disabled, but Messages enabled
  • New Commands:
  • ontime rewards add item DD HH MM <quantity> <item>+<enchantment code(s)>
  • ontime rewards add item DD HH MM <quantity> potion:<potion code>
  • ontime help <keyword>
  • ontime top <#> votes
  • ontime top <#> votes sites
  • ontime rewards votifier <rewardID> <count>
  • ontime rewards refer <rewardID> source <count>

V 3.3.1

  • Added enable/disable for OnTime new Version checking
  • Fixed issue with OnTime Version check output
  • Fixed error with auto upgrade of rewards.yml


  • Complied with Bukkit 1.3.1-R2.0 but base function tested with Bukkit 1.3.2-R0.2
  • Includes significant data handling changes when using MySQL dataStorage option, for better overall plugin performance and memory utilization (Ticket #78)
  • Conversion of player name storage to all lowercase to remove some reported inconsistencies
  • Added Kit Rewards (Ticket #49)
  • Added 'referred undo' function to reverse 'referred by' commands. (Ticket #80)
  • Fixed votifier null pointer error (Ticket #87)
  • Fixed 'validateMapData' function null pointer error (Ticket #66)
  • Fixed 'online audit' to further prevent incorrect reporting of weekly/monthly totals. (Ticket #72)
  • Improved coding of 'ontime messages', fixed issue with timeDateFormat (Ticket #79)
  • Improved displayed information of scheduled 'referred by rewards' to make it less confusing
  • Fixed YML save errors seen when there are no OnTime records
  • Added 24 hour clock to OnTimeLog.txt
  • Added automated check for new OnTime version, with console display during plugin enable
  • Added screen feedback during mySQL export function execution
  • Changed dataStorage default from DAT to YML (DAT storage will be eliminated as an option in not to distant future)


  • Fixed error that prevented group promotions from working with PermissionsBukkit (Ticket #73)
  • Fixed "canRecieveReward" exception error (Ticket #75)
  • Added 'welcomeEnable' to enable/disable OnTime login messages (Ticket #71)
  • Removed implementation of 'ontime.track' permission node. (was causing some tracking inconsistencies)
  • Added debug functions to help detect/correct if offline players appear to still be online


  • Complied with Bukkit 1.3.1-R2.0 but base function tested with Bukkit 1.3.2-R0.2
  • Fixed error which prevented all 'Top Rewards" from functioning properly (Ticket #68)
  • Fixed user reported exception error (Ticket #65)
  • Improved handling of some possible errors (Ticket #68 and Ticket #66)


Never Released


  • Compiled with Bukkit 1.3.1-R2.0
  • Fixed user reported 'checkAFK null pointer' exception error
  • Fixed user reported console [error] 'unknown player' errors.
  • Added support for multi-server universes sharing single OnTime MySQL database
  • Added per-world enable/disable for OnTime Rewards
  • Added support for auto ranking of players assigned to multiple groups
  • Added 'OnTime Messaging'
  • Time-based (delta, login, OnTime, real) of pre-set messages on per-player basis
  • Time-based (delta, login, OnTime, real) of adhoc messages on per-player basis
  • Login welcome messages for player and server, showing OnTime data (configurable)
  • Add/Remove/List commands for message maintenance
  • Expanded 'ontime reload' command to add options for all data, player data only, or reward data only.
  • Added counter option for 'recurring' OnTime Rewards
  • Added built in Votifer Listener
  • Added MCStats data collection


  • Fixed some reported 'null pointer' violation errors
  • Addressed issue where some players are not properly being logged out of OnTime


  • Compiled with Bukkit 1.3.1-R1.0
  • Added ability to define incentive reward for players to use the 'referred by' command
  • Expanded '/ontime reward refer' command to include [source/target] keyword
  • Fixed MC 1.3.1 issue with AsyncPlayerChatEvent
  • Fixed MC 1.3.1 related issue where reload (rl) of plugins didn't properly handle players that were online at the time of the reload
  • Added auto upgrade of rewards.yml and output.yml files associated with new 'ontime reward refer' option listed above.


  • Compiled with Bukkit 1.2.5-R5.0, but tested (basic functions) with Bukkit 1.3.1-R0.1(Development build)
  • Fixed problem with Bukkit 1.3.1 where total playtime was not getting updated


  • Compiled and tested with Bukkit 1.2.5-R5.0
  • Added ability to create multiple rewards with the same target time
  • Fixed Null Pointer error seen sometimes on server start or plugin reload
  • Fixed error where weekly/monthly rewards needed daily data collection to be enabled
  • Fixed error where daily play time could be stored as a negative time value


  • Fixed error in handling of MySQL save and load of player data
    • Please see "Known caveats" section below for instructions on how to recover if you used V3.0.2, or are upgrading from any earlier version.


  • Added "top player" rewards
  • Added '/ontime rewards top' command
  • Added new config.yml elements for "top player" rewards
  • Added new entries into output.yml for "top player" rewards
  • Fixed error in time/date calculation when issuing reports
  • Fixed error in placing wrong 'starting date' put into weekly and monthly reports
  • Fixed error in 'top xx daily' command starting numbering with 2, not 1.


  • Never Released*


  • Added MySQL storage option for OnTime Player Data
  • Added import of player name, total playtime, and last login data from 'logblock' plugin
  • Added simultaneous collection of daily, weekly, and monthly data. (Previous releases only one could be done at a time)
  • Added 'referred by' rewards
  • Added 'perpetual' rewards
  • Added export of OnTime data to .dat, .yml. and MySQL database formats
  • New Commands:
  • ontime import logblock
  • ontime export [dat/yml/mysql]
  • ontime rewards edit time
  • ontime rewards perp
  • ontime rewards refer
  • referred by


  • Fixed bug where plugin reloads (/reload or /rl) and server restarts were resulting in total OnTime calculation errors.
  • Added exception to group permission change rewards, such that an automated down grade is now possible for players that have been purged from the OnTime records due to inactivity, but later return to the server.


  • Added total OnTime data import function and associated command
  • Added ability to use 'reward set' command to issue an permissions group downgrade.
  • Fixed permission group auto reward scheduling so a automated downgrade is stopped at schedule time instead of issue time
  • Fixed error with AFK data initialization at player login
  • Fixed error that put player AFK when 'ontime <playername>' is executed on offline player.


  • Built with CB 1.2.5-R4.0
  • Added AFK detection and AFK time deduction from OnTime totals (option)
  • Added permission group based rewards. (player must be in a group with right permission to get specified rewards)
  • Added option of tracking of OnTime data on monthly basis
  • Added configurable console logging messages
  • Fixed Null Pointer exception errors seen sometimes on startup and on player login/logout


This version is a test only version for certain users having plugin conflict issues and is NOT recommended for general usage.


( A couple of people have recently asked how to recover potentially corrupt .dat files. The easiest way is to have a backup, so I've made it easier to make sure you have one.)

  • Built with CB 1.2.5-R3.0
  • Added '/ontime backup' command
  • Added automated (daily) backup of .dat files (optional - enabled via config.yml)


  • Built with CB 1.2.5-R2.0
  • Added XP reward type
  • Added configurable output for '/ontime' and '/ontime <playername>' commands
  • Added configurable output when rewards are issued
  • Added configurable headers for Top XX lists
  • Cleaned up output in Top XX lists to make it easier to resd
  • Change 'Top xx' command syntax to make it easier to use weekly/daily data
  • Added Individual Rewards
  • Added Individual Reward commands:
  • ontime rewards indi
  • ontime rewards set
  • ontime rewards delete
  • Fixed Errors:
  • [SEVERE] errors seen when OnTime Rewards are disabled and players log in
  • Other 'null pointer' issues when OnTime Rewards are disabled.
  • Wrong file path name on non-Windows servers


  • Fixed sync problem with permission plugins during server startup

This problem was seen with PEX, and resulted in permission rewards malfunction

  • Fixed error in HTML formatted daily/weekly reports where 'total time' was always "N/A"
  • Fixed error with kick events

With this error players were sometimes getting hours worth of OnTime credit when kicked.


  • Added HTML option for report output
  • Added weekly (vs daily only) option for short-term tracking
  • Added '/ontime today <#>' and '/ontime week <#>' commands
  • Added enable/disable of reward messages to players
  • Fixed error with recurring rewards when inventory full


  • Fixed problem with Group rewards failing for permissions-bukkit and zpermissions
  • Fixed wrong 'new total time' output on 'set total' command when executed on online players


  • Built with Bukkit 1.2.5-R1.0
  • Added recurring rewards
  • Added permission rewards
  • Added 'set days' command
  • Changed 'set' command to 'set total'
  • Added 'reward recur' command
  • Added 'reward single' command
  • Added support of Vault for Group and Permission rewards
  • (expanded group support from Essentials GroupManager only in R2.0.x)
  • Removed 'refresh' command
  • Fixed 'days on' counter problem


  • Improved handling for servers without Essentials GroupManager
  • Prevention of in-game 'add' of group rewards
  • Check for GroupManager before trying to schedule or issue 'group' rewards (will prevent unhanded null exceptions seen in v2.0.0)
  • Improved console messaging on OnTime startup if GroupManager is not present
  • Added Log entries of admin use of 'remove', 'set' and 'add' (OnTime) commands (level 3)


  • Build with CB 1.2.4-R1.0
  • Tested with servers running CB 1.1-R6, CB 1.2.3-R2.0, & 1.2.4-R1.0
  • Added GroupManager Change rewards
  • Added MC Item rewards
  • Added 'set' and 'add' commands
  • Added more information to '/ontime <userid>' display
  • Added OnTime data update on player 'kick'
  • Fixed 'TodayData.dat' corruption error


  • Build against CB 1.1-R7
  • Added OnTime Rewards system
  • Added 'ontime rewards list/add/remove' commands
  • Added plugin configuration and permissions needed for rewards
  • Added support for Vault (v1.2.12)
  • Fixed some reported exception errors with '/ontime' and '/ontime <userid>' commands


  • Fixed error in Reward file generation


  • Build against CB 1.1-R7
  • Added 'remove' command: removes specified player from data files
  • Added tracking of daily playtime (midnight to midnight)
  • Added daily playtime report (manual request and scheduled)
  • Added display of daily playtime as option in 'top xx' list
  • Added 'yesterday' keyword to 'test' command for testing of the daily reports
  • Added new permissions: ontime.remove;
  • Added new configuration dailyReportEnable


  • Fixed typo in report output


  • Initial Release