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  • _ForgeUser23820325 created this issue Nov 13, 2016


    I have some issues setting up some per-world rewards. I'm not even sure it's possible, to be honest.

    I have a couple of different multiverse world, let's say A, B, C.
    A = main world
    B = games
    C = factions

    I want my players to get 100 coins every 15 minutes, regardless of where they are on the server - BUT, they should only get the money once they return to A.
    Player 1 plays in world A for 30 min, player 1 should get 100 coins every 15 min.
    Player 2 plays in world B for 30 min, but he won't receive any coins during that time. He then goes back to world A and receives the 200 coins he earned during the last 30 min while playing in world B.

    In addion to that I want to set up a reward that only works for players in world C; 10 coins every 15 min.
    Player 3 plays in world c for 30 min, player 3 should get 20 coins every 15 min. He then returns to world A and receives the 200 coins he earned for playing 30 min on the server.
    After playing for 30 min in world A, player 1 decides to play in world C. He will not receive any coins for the last 30 min.

    I hope you understand what I mean by all that ;) I really need a setup that will work with per world economy settings, so I players will have differents balances for world A/B and C.

    I tried using
    /ontime rewards add econ 100 15m tag=A100 world +mainworld
    /ontime rewards perp A100 15m
    /ontime rewards add econ 100 15m tag=A100 world=mainworld
    /ontime rewards perp A100 15m
    but I can't get it to work. Players will only get coins while playing in world A. If they are playing in any other worlds, playtime will not count.

    I did "perWorldEnable: true".

    Please help! :(

  • _ForgeUser23820325 added the tags New Other Nov 13, 2016

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