Rewards skipped and a player's total OnTime lost #601

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  • _ForgeUser22404571 created this issue Jul 1, 2016

    NOTE: If you supply copies of your .yml or console log files, please use pastebin, dropbox, or other service and provide link,  instead of copy/paste of the file into this report. Thanks!

    What Version of OnTime and Bukkit are you using?
    –OnTime V4.1.4

    –Spigot 1.10

    What storage option are you using? (YML or MYSQL) ?

    What permissions plugin are you using? (Groupmanager, PEX,bPermissions, etc.)

    Please provide a link to a copy of your plugins/OnTime/config.yml:

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    –We are not sure what the causes is. A player has lost all OnTime which we then recovered from the OnTimeLog. Other players have not received some of their rewards.

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
    –Expected output is one hourly reward issued per player based on total OnTime, that goes up at certain levels. One-time milestone rewards issued when those levels are reached. Another hourly reward issued per player based on weekly OnTime, which goes up ad designated levels. Players' OnTime kept indefinitely. What actually happens is all of these things seem to work most of the time, but some of the things do not. Additionally, new players seem to start with 33 levels experience points. Based on what I can read in the log, these points were also issued by the OnTime plugin to the player who lost her Ontime. We are not expecting these 33 points to be issued to new people based on the config/rewards files.

    Do you have an console log of what happened?
    –The player who lost her total OnTime was Kylie32; these are the lines containing "Kylie32" in the OnTimeLog:
    –One player who did not receive hourly rewards based on Total ontime, and was only receiving rewards based on weekly ontime was i_love_dirt. Lines containing "i_love_dirt" from the OnTimeLog file here:

    Are you having a "rewards" problem?  Please provide a link to a copy of your /plugins/OnTime/rewards.yml :

    Did you turn on OnTime logging (/ontime logfile enable 1)?  If so, provide a link to that file too.
    – OnTime_ERROR log:

    Please provide any additional information below.
    We originally set it up to issue XP rewards at each of the milestones. We'd happily do without them now if it made anything simpler. This is a save I have of the commands I issued when setting this plugin up:

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  • BaticaG posted a comment Jul 6, 2016

    I also have the same issues!

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