Ontime does not schedule rewards for any players #596

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Assigned to _ForgeUser8455416
  • _ForgeUser7117399 created this issue May 15, 2016

    NOTE: If you supply copies of your .yml or console log files, please use pastebin, dropbox, or other service and provide link,  instead of copy/paste of the file into this report. Thanks!

    What Version of OnTime and Bukkit are you using?
    OnTime: 4.1.4
    Bukkit: Spigot 1.9.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT (git-spigot-5a40365)

    What storage option are you using? (YML or MYSQL): MySQL

    What permissions plugin are you using? (Groupmanager, PEX,bPermissions, etc.): PEX

    Please provide a link to a copy of your plugins/OnTime/config.yml:

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. Start server
    2. /ontime rewards next - Shows rewards
    3. /ontime rewards next - Doesn't show anymore

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
    Expected ontime to run /pex group add magic %player% after 1h and also give 10 currency to the player with a different reward

    Do you have an console log of what happened?
    Console log doesn't show anything.

    Are you having a "rewards" problem?  Please provide a link to a copy of your /plugins/OnTime/rewards.yml :

    Did you turn on OnTime logging (/ontime logfile enable 1)?  If so, provide a link to that file too.
    Was unfortunately off at the time.

    Please provide any additional information below.
    We're running a Bungeecord server hub with this server connected to it. So any player can join this one through that one.
    Tab shows players from the whole network.
    In the config multiserver was true before at the time the issue happened, but setting to false did not fix the issue.
    I have no clue what else could be causing it..
    Are there perms needed?

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  • _ForgeUser8455416 posted a comment May 15, 2016

    You will find the permissions defined here:


    Players must have ontime.track and ontime.reward.receive permissions, or give the default group of ontime.player.*

    I tested your rewards file on my server and it worked as expected.

    If you turn on ontime logging (/ontime logfile enable 1) and then have a player who should receive a reward soon join, and we may get a clue from the log file that results. I you can force a players time to be 59 min and wait a minute and capture the reward processing too, and that would be extra helpful.

    ontime set total <playerName> 59m

    Post a link to the resulting OnTimeLog.txt and I will investigate further.

    PS. there are issues with the 'multiserver' support, so its best to leave that disabled, especially while we investigate this issue.

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