Doesn't Execute a Command specified in a Reward #485

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  • _ForgeUser9964908 created this issue Jul 3, 2014

    What Version of OnTime and Bukkit are you using?
    OnTime: v3.11.0
    Bukkit: BukkitForge-1.5.2-301 (please, just hear me out)

    What storage option are you using? (YML or MYSQL) ? YML

    What permissions plugin are you using? (Groupmanager, PEX,bPermissions, etc.) bPermissions

    Please provide a link to a copy of your plugins/OnTime/config.yml:

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. Start the server, everything works fine.
    2. Log in with a player that does not have any logs on OnTime.
    3. Wait 2 minutes until my reward would be executed.

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead? The reward I have set up kills me after two minutes (testing purposes), but, when it comes to the second minute, nothing happens.

    Do you have an console log of what happened? No, I tried inputting a different version of OnTime and I screwed up most of my files. Then I went back to my current version, and, in doing all that, all my logs had been erased.

    Are you having a "rewards" problem?  Please provide a link to a copy of your /plugins/OnTime/rewards.yml :

    Did you turn on OnTime logging (/ontime logfile enable 1)?  If so, provide a link to that file too. Sorry, I didn't have that option enabled.

    Please provide any additional information below.
    First off, I know it's a lot easier dealing with a non-forge server, but with BukkitForge installed, it shouldn't make that much of a difference. (Sorry for the inconvenience.)
    I'm trying to run a small community Ampz (Forge-based modpack) server with me and a couple of my friends, and I would really like to have OnTime installed because I think it's a really great plugin.
    Anyway, so the very last time I tried getting it to work (like the 10th time, or something), I decided to look at the console, and it said that there was an error handling the reward. Everything seemed to be perfectly in order with all of the configs, it just seemed like it didn't have the infrastructure to process the request.
    So, it was really puzzling what was wrong.
    I have a few ideas:
       1. There is a problem with the OnTime version I am running (I need a 1.5.2 version).
       2. There is a problem with the BukkitForge mod I have installed (I doubt it because the error in the console didn't say anything relating to Forge).
       3. It's possible I have something in the configs wrong (I read through every tutorial like 3 times, so I'd be surprised if that was the problem).
       4. The most likely is that there could be that the version of OnTime and the version of BukkitForge I am using are incompatible. (Would you suggest any other Forge to Bukkit bridges?)

    In the end, I am looking for a simple way to execute a command after 1 hour of playtime, everyday, for an indefinite amount of days. I didn't think it would be this hard, but I really hope to get it working.
    Thank you for your time,

    P.S. If you really need the logs of the server, I can spend time trying to recreate the exact circumstance.

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  • _ForgeUser8455416 posted a comment Jul 4, 2014

    You should be able to use the latest version of OnTime, and I encourage you to do so because it is much easier for me debug, and if I do make a fix it would only be on the latest version. Most importantly, getting on the latest release will get you all of the other fixes I have already made.

    The reason you don't see 1.5.2 listed as compatible with v3.13.3 is because BukkitDev limits the number of releases we can list as compatible, so I just don't this these release even though there is no reason that it should not work.

    Now, to your problem. It would me be most helpful if you turn on OnTime logging and get a log of the activity that happens during your testing. Turn it on using the command:

    /ontime logfile enable 1

    Then run your test, and post a link to the resulting OnTimeLog.txt file. Also, please post a link to to your OnTime/config.yml

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