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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

This plugin is an extension to the OnTime playtime tracking and reward plugin, which uses the OnTime engine and data to create an automated Bounty system for PVP servers.

This plugin is currently in the concept stages, and here are some of the features under consideration. Please take a look and feel free to offer your comments or suggestions of what you think is a good idea, and what is not a good idea. Also suggest other things I should consider. I'm especially interested in hearing about how you think players would try to 'cheat' the system in order to gain rewards outside of the 'spirit' of the plugin and the concept of 'fair play'.

  • The size of the bounty placed on a players head will be dependent on a number of factors: - Total amount of player's total playtime (the more time they play the higher the bounty) - Their top 10 rank of total playtime - Their 'prestige level' * - The amount of time since the last bounty was collected on them. - others?
  • * 'Prestige Level" will be determined by the plugin and will be related to the number of bounties a player collects, the number of different players they kill to collect bounties, the prestige level of the players they collect bounties on, the number of bounties collected on their heads, more?
  • ** To discourage players from repeatedly killing a newbie or other weaker players, a bounty will not be offered for a player until they have been on the server for a configurable amount of time. Also after a player has had a bounty collected on their head, another bounty will not be offered until they have again played for a configured amount of time.
  • Killing players that do not have a bounty on their head will result in a deduction in the prestige points for a player, and may also impact the size of the bounty on their own head.
  • The bounty placed on players head will be the maximum bounty that can be awarded, but it may not be the reward a player receives. To discourage players from just killing their friends to collect the bounty, the plugin will keep track of how many times a player kills certain other players. The more often a player keeps killing a few certain players the lower the bounty will be, and it could begin to affect a players prestige points. This will should also discourage picking on weaker players.
  • The bounty rewards may actually be 'prestige points' instead of cash, but a system would be set up to allow players to convert points to cash or other prizes. This would give the admins better control of the system, and so that the rewards don't ruin their economy if there are too many being paid out.
  • The size of bounty will be broadcast to all online players when a new player joins the server. There will also be commands to list the top bounties, as well as the bounty for a specified player.
  • When a bounty is rewarded this will also be broadcast to all online, as well as the size of the bounty on the head of the player that just got a kill.
  • This plugin may require MySQL database. (Is that a problem for you?)

My tentative target for a first release is mid August.


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