One in the chamber, Minecraft style. With this Bukkit plugin, we reproduce the game One in the Chamber, which is featured in Call of Duty, within Minecraft.

OneChamber is a mini-game for Minecraft. The idea being that a server administrator will set an arena, lobby, etc... Then players will join/teleport to the arena. When the match begins, each player fights for themselves. (Free for all) They'll be given a bow, an arrow and a wooden sword. Any hits made by their arrow will result in an instant kill of their prey. Hitting with the bow or wooden sword would result in an average damage in take. At the end of a set time, or when a player gets to a said kill count, the match ends. Then the winner would receive their prize.

Ok. There's a huge demand for this plugin- but, due to a few complications it was never completed under this name. Thanks to LinearLogic, though, a similar one has been created. Please check it out here.


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