Q: I'm Having problems at the end of the game, i'm using MultiVerse for mutliple Arena creation for maps, and at the end of a game the players have trouble being teleported back to the main lobby

A: We are having quite some troubles With multiverse, as we have some nasty blood interference with that plugin.* But heres a quick Temporary fix that SHOULD fix your problem. Go to the MultIVerse Config and change these things to the following:

teleportintercept: 'false'
  firstspawnoverride: 'false'

Q: When players join the arena why does it not show a scoreboard for that arena

A: The reason why is because since the scoreboard is small including OITC on the scoreboard your arena name cannot be longer than 9 characters long!, If your arena name is much longer that 9 characters/letters on the scoreboard will not show for that arena


Q: When people are inside the arena why do people that are in a faction cant hurt each other?

A: Because in a Faction there settings is set to peaceful mode which allow them not to attack others in the Faction, Factions have added a option to disable Factions in worlds on your server really easy!, The latest updated factions that you use need to include mcore with it, so in your minecraft folder locate mstore > faction_mconf Once inside there open up the file named instance.json and find these codes, and inside the brackets insert every-world name, CASE SENSITIVE, and make sure you use a comma after world name :) This should stop those little raskells//

"worldsNoClaiming": [],          
"worldsNoPowerLoss": [],
"worldsIgnorePvP": [],
  • Config Example After Editing It
"worldNoClaiming":[spawn, pvp, factions, wild, flat_world],
  • If That doesn't work do it without the brackets and try again,


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