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    Jul 30, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2


A Big note When Updating(Again)

YOU MUST DELETE YOUR CONFIG FILES IN ORDER FOR THIS UPDATE TO ACTUALLY UPDATE(Otherwise you may receive errors.) Also When you delete your files don't forget to set the arena back up. And i can't stress this enough but DON'T Forget to set the main lobby before anyone plays!

Ok guys, this is finally the update where you guys will probably stop bugging me about the "Lives" Modes.

I'm finally finished with it.

New Features:

  • OITC Now support's two types of game modes. Kills (Try to get as much kills or the kill goal to win the game) And Survival (Each player has a set life amount (Can be configurable in the actualConfig.yml) and when the player's life runs to 0, That player is then out!)

NEW Commands:

  • /oitc settype <Kills/Survival> [Arena] - This Sets the type for the Arena, So when the arena starts, it will start either as a kills mode (be the first to achieve the kill goal to win) , or survival mode (Lives).

IF Any bugs, Please report it here WITH the error code, please i can't stress this enough if you don't give me the error code and you tell me there is an error... i can't help you then much.