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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2



If you have used this plugin before and are deciding to update this to V1.4 (This version here) You MUSTTT delete your configs when you update this plugin, It is a MUST! Or else you WILL Receive Errors! Please and Thank you :D Artish1 ---------End of Big Note-------

Wow we are already on the V1.4 Update!!!!

Let's see what's been added:

OMG guess what's new?!?!?!

New Features:

  • You can set up Sponge blocks in the arena and when players step over them They will throw the players into the air!!! (Great for Big building maps to reach to the top instead of climbing the big bad building!)
  • Multiple Arenas At a time WOOT WOOT!!!! We can now Start and Run multiple Arenas instead of one!!!

New Commands:

  • /oitc reload (To reload the config instead of reloading the whole server!)

New Configuration Options:

  • Added in an Option For the amount of kills a player needs to Achieve in order to win the game. This Option is named: "KillsToEnd" and by Default is 25.

New Perks:

  • Martyrdom (Drops live Tnt at the place of death(But doesn't hurt terrain))
  • Sniper! (Arrows travel MUCH faster and FARTHER(This is actually quite accurate))
  • Blaze (Basic attacks now Set other players on fire!)

On another note the plugin has Been recoded Quite a bit to add in these extra new Features!

Bug Fixes:

  • When players leave the game and only 1 or 0 left the game does not end automatically! (But now it does :D!)