One In The Chamber

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Welcome to, Drum Roll Please

One in the Chamber

Remember that Call of duty game "One in the Chamber", This is practically the exact same thing! The Mechanics and Rules are simple. Let me show you what's going on here.


I have now created a GitHub for anyone who wants to see and check up on the project.

GitHub: GitHub

Strong note ==on why some server owners cannot get this plugin working properly:

-This plugin has been compiled with JAVA 7,I am sorry but many of you probably do not have Java 7/8, you are probably still running Java 6, please update your java and be sure you have Java 7 on your computer for this to run correctly, and if anything, try Java 8 :) it's a bit better and it is what i am using.

V3.2 Update Notes:

  • This update does have the Sign break bug fix inside!
  • No more placing blocks when inside an arena
  • No more breaking blocks when inside an arena.
  • Wooden swords still added.
  • Player inventories are now saved and are restored when leaving an arena (Any type of leaving)
  • Added command: /oitc version
  • Added command: /oitc stop <Arena>
  • Please wait till Bukkit approves of OITC-V3.2, if you do not see it, that means it is still in the approval process!

if anyone wants me to work for them on their server please contact me :) I am open. ~~Artish1~~



Click here for a FAQ Page

Setup Video:


Alright Welcome to OITC!!!! This plugin is quite like the famous call of duty gamemode called "One in the Chamber", Basically the aim of the game is to have a free for all and kill eachother, the first one to reach the stated kills wins the game (Default to 25 kills). You receive a bow, sword, and ONE arrow, arrows are 1 hit kill, and you gain one arrow for every kill you obtain.

Wow that was a big message, Glad that's overwith. Anyways lets get onto the Server commands :)



  • /oitc - The main command of the plugin, and a shortened command for One in the Chamber
  • /oitc start [Arena] - Force starts the Arena, (One player must atleast be in to actually force start it.)
  • /oitc create [Arena] - Creates the arena with the name specified in the argument
  • /oitc lobby - Teleports you to the Main lobby of OITC (Where the players will teleport back when a game is finished)
  • /oitc addspawn [Arena] - Adds a spawn to the Arena, Can make multiple spawns (As many as you want)
  • /oitc setmainlobby - Sets the main lobby to where players will teleport to after the game and with /oitc lobby
  • /oitc setlobby [Arena] - This sets the Per-Arena Lobby's that players will be teleported to when they click on a sign.
  • /oitc leave - leaves the current arena you are in.
  • /oitc stop [ArenaName] - force stops the current arena.
  • /oitc version - Gives you your current version of OITC.
  • /oitc reload - Reloads the Config files for OITC(Instead of just Reloading the whole server)

How to setup The Signs

  • Line 1: oitc (Caps doesn't matter)
  • Line 2: "Your ArenaName Here"
  • Line 3: Nothing


  • Join signs!
  • Multiple spawn creation for each arena. After a player has died they will respawn back to a Random location every time
  • Simple to use and setup
  • A scoreboard at the side of the screen, Shows each players stats with their names and kills together
  • A Custom Countdown (Seconds can be changed in the config.yml for each Arena)
  • Saving and restoring Player's inventories when joining/leaving an Arena.
  • An Automatic Start Mechanism! (Configure how many players are needed to auto start in the config.yml
  • Soon to come, Adding colored player nametags for Who is in 1st,2nd,3rd and so on Ex: Whoever is in 1st place shows other players a gold or dark red nametag
  • Free for all
  • No breaking blocks ingame
  • No placing blocks ingame
  • No opening chests ingame
  • Automatic respawn, Nobody's got time for clicking "Respawn" Anymore. Just die and GO!
  • Probably more to come, add anything in the comments and i might add it in.


  • oitc.admin

Configuration Help

Note that all values listed below are DEFAULT Values

  • Countdown : 15 (How many seconds for the countdown to... countdown
  • MaxPlayers: 20 ( The Amount of maximum players the Arena can hold.
  • KillsToWin: 25 (The Amount of kills needed to win the game)
  • AutoStartPlayers:8 (The amount of players needed to join the arena until the arena Automatically starts by itself)
  • EndTime: 600 (The Amount of seconds the Arena will run for, By default is 10 Minutes(600 seconds), so after 10 minutes, if nobody gets to the KillsToWin amount, it will then stop itself.

Other Information:

  • None (At the moment)


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