This is a quick and simple plugin that reverts the combat mechanics to the way they were in 1.8. 

To install just drag and drop the file into your plugins folder and you're done :)



  • You can swing as fast as you like. Swing spam away, boys
  • No more sweep attacks (this includes their visuals/sound effects)
  • Re-adds the use of swords to block. If you right click with a sword in hand, you will get a shield to block with.
  • The off-hand is disabled while old PVP mechanics are active. This is to allow for the shield to be used in conjunction with swords.
  • Weapons do the damage they used to. Axes are now weaker than swords, pickaxes are weaker than that, etc.
  • Blocking no longer reflects projectiles. If you block with the old mechanics enabled, your damage will be reduced by half indiscriminately just like the old mechanics. Furthermore, your damage is reduced even if the shield itself wasn't hit.
  • Toggleable using /oldpvp. If you want the server to use the new PVP mechanics again, all it takes is one command.

Note: If you do not have ProtocolLib on your server, the plugin will use a custom packet interceptor. This can interfere with other plugins that intercept packets so be warned


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