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A performant Bukkit plugin to configure combat-related mechanics from 1.9 onwards.

Note: Use builds from Jenkins to get the most up-to-date version. Please report any bugs on GitHub.


Modesets can be configured for your players to choose from. Each modeset can have any combination of the below features enabled, for example to replicate 1.9 vs 1.8 combat. Players can switch between modesets via command, choosing from the modesets allowed for the world they are in.

Configurable Features
Features are grouped in modules as listed below and can be individually configured and disabled. Modules that are fully disabled will have no impact on server performance.


  • Attack cooldown
  • Attack frequency
  • Tool damage
  • Critical hits
  • Player regen
  • Player collisions


  • Armour strength
  • Armour durability

Swords & Shields

  • Sword blocking
  • Shield damage reduction
  • Sword sweep


  • Player knockback
  • Fishing knockback
  • Fishing rod velocity
  • Projectile knockback

Gapples & Potions

  • Golden apple crafting & effects
  • Potion effects & duration
  • Chorus fruit

New feature disabling

  • Item crafting
  • Offhand
  • Elytra
  • Bow boost
  • New attack sounds
  • Enderpearl cooldown
  • Brewing stand refuel
  • Enchantment table auto-lapis
  • Burn delay
  • Projectile randomness

Plugin Compatibility
Most plugins will work fine with OCM. Some that are explicitly supported include:

  • Placeholder API (see wiki for details)
  • Spartan anticheat (to avoid triggerring anticheat on regen)

This plugin requires Java 8 or above and Minecraft version 1.9 or above.



This plugin uses bStats metrics. You can disable it in the bStats plugin folder.

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