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Blue Telepads was abandoned some time ago, picked up and then abandoned again some other time ago. Since I use this plugin on my server, I have been keeping it up to date and in line with the original mechanics of the mod.

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Telepads has source at github!


A pair of constructed telepads will allow you to instantly teleport between them. Starting with version 3.0, you can now upgrade telepads! The upgraded HyperPads can transport ALL entities within a specific range of the player to the destination HyperPad.

HyperPad and Telepad Example

Want to test out Telepads? Visit http://moosecraft.net for server info!


None at this time


None at this time


max_telepad_distance: Maximum distance over which a telepad pair will operate. to disable set to 0.

telepad_center: The ID for the center block of the telepad. Default block is Lapis.

enable_surrounding_blocks: Disallow single block telepads. Default is true.

telepad_surrounding: The ID for the blocks surrounding the center. Default block is Obsidian.

enable_hyper_blocks: If set to true, wide-area entity transportation will be enabled. Requires enable_surrounding_blocks at the moment.

telepad_hyper:The ID for the hyper blocks. Default block is Sea Lantern.

xRange, yRange, zRange: This integer value determines the range around the telepad entities can be teleported from. Default is 2 for each.

op_only: If set to true, only OP may construct telepads. Default is false.

disable_teleport_wait: If set to true, telepads activate instantly. Default is false.

send_wait_timer: Time in seconds to wait before teleport occurs. Default is 3.

disable_teleport_message: If set to true, telepads will not notify you of activation. Default is false.


Place telepads.jar in your plugins folder and reload the server.


To construct a set of telepads:

  1. Dig a hole 1 block deep and place a sign in the hole.
  2. On top of that sign place a block specified by telepad_center.
  3. Place a stone pressure plate on top of the center block.
  4. On each side of the center block, place a block specified by telepad_surrounding.
  5. Once both telepads are constructed and with redstone dust in hand, right click one pressure plate and then left click the other.

To Upgrade to HyperPads:

  1. Add 4 blocks of telepad_hyper block to the existing telepads
  2. Step onto the HyperPad to begin wide-area Entity Transport

To delink a telepad:

  1. Break the stone pressure plate
  2. Left click the center block with redstone


  • v3.0 - Added Wide Range Entity Transport.
  • v2.0 - Added 1.9.2 support
  • v1.0 - Rewritten completely for CB 1.7.9-R0.1. Multiple bugfixes, removed deprecated methods for support going forward.
  • v0.1 - Initial Release


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