Offline Teleporter

Offline Teleporter

This is a very lightweight plugin that has everything related to offline teleporting!
Note: This plugin is in Beta for the moment! (But pretty stable tho :)

This plugin is OpenSource feel free to read through the code!(And ask questions!)
Custom player files are used, meaning that every player has to log in at least once since this plugin is added to be fully effective! Please, if you find any bugs at all, don't hesitate to create a ticket! :)

Powerful and Lightweight \o/ :)

1.7.9 Note

Note (If you are updating from <= 0.2): Due a drastic change, Player names cannot be considered static anymore, which is why all the user files will be removed (Though, this shouldn't be a huge issue? If it is just let me know! :) ).


  • Teleport you to an offline player's location
  • Teleport an offline player to your location
  • Teleport back after being offline teleported
  • Offline player names are case insensitive (easier to type ;) )
  • A cookie command :)
  • Forge Compatible!

Ideas/Feature requests are more than welcome! :)


Teleport/otp [Player]otp.otpTeleports you to the offline player's location
Teleport Here/otphere [Player] {message}otp.otphereTeleports the offline player to your current location, with a message for when that player comes back(Optional)
Teleport Back/otpbackotp.otpbackTeleports you back to your previous logout position (from before it was changed)
Cookie!/cookie [player]otp.cookieGives the player a cookie!

Current Version: 0.5 (Beta)(1.7.9)
Note: Since bukkit is unbelievably slow with approving every update, you can always get the latest version Here

TO-DO list

  • Add AutoTab complete for the offline player names
  • Teleport all players.
  • Disable Case-Sensitivity
  • Add an /otpback command for when the player that was teleported came online and wants to go back
  • Your ideas! :)


I'm not a big fan of money, Soo yea if you really appreciate my work then I would much rather have some feedback than money :P

hmm.., now i come to think of it, there is one other thing.. You see i'm terrible with graphics, so if you're not and you wanna give something back, then i would greatly appreciate a logo/picture for this plugin :)
Only if you want to that is! (If you can't/don't want to, dw Some feedback is all i wish for really.. :) )


You can always find me on IRC (Espernet)

Bug Report <sub>please do, i <3 bug reports :)</sub>

There are 2 ways you can do this:

  1. Go here and create an issue! (I prefer this method)
  2. Leave a comment here, Beware that bukkit won't send you a message when i reply, so check regularly (I do not prefer this method :/)

Always provide as much info as possible (crash log, what you were doing, consequences..etc) //

Awesome people!

All the people listed here should get as much credit for this plugin as i do!
(no particular order)

(A community that keeps an up-to-date list of pretty much every mc mod and it's current version!)


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