Offering, the classic plugin from the good old days of Bukkit, is back and gives you a new and innovative way to create interactive shops, altars, teleporters, etc. This plugin allows players to offer an item offering to an altar block in order to get a "reward," which we use as a blanket term to mean one of the plugin's supported actions such as teleportation, mob spawning, or health regeneration. We highly recommend that you watch this video to learn more about the plugin:


  1. Video tutorial
  2. Simple usage and installation
  3. Reference and documentation
    1. Customizing config.yml
    2. List of block and mob names
    3. Permissions Support

Offering will soon support Permissions, and already allows admins to fully customize its altar system in straight-forward YAML markup. Please let us know what you like about the plugin; any feedback is appreciated!


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