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Plugin will use custom world generator to gen epic ocean. On Bottom of ocean we see obsydian tectonic plate, where there are, depending on the settings of underwater volcanic eruptions. In ocean admins build some base with market place, other useful struct. and rooms for players. Player started in random one of defined base where limit of room is not exceeded, he looking free room and takes it. Base can be expanded, but need real materials, not from creative mode. On market, players can sell resources, of course, if the base has the right amount of cash.

more append


new environment new rules :) Resources can be obtained from volcanic eruptions, when cooblestone is melted in a furnace at high temperature(bucket of lava) can give iron and other valuable resources. The eruption also provides additional ore randomly. At the bottom of the ocean will become embedded earth. Stone can be converted with the help of an appropriate mechanism on the sand. New recipes such as pulling bones from the meat or cooblestone+mushroom = moss Stone.


  • underwater base
  • new acquire resources system from vulcans
  • contained breathing apparatus supplied mundane potions
  • endportal block, if you use the right protective creates room in the water
  • volcanic eruptions
  • rooms in base for players.
  • advanced economy
  • realistic air (mechanism for production, propagation).

GitHub: https://github.com/Mararok/OceanDepth

Work Progress

  • working simple realtime vulcans simulation


Copy to plugins folder .jar file and add this lines into bukkit.yml

    generator: OceanDepth


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