How to use Paypal Sandbox

Paypal Sandbox

  • Create an account on and login
  • Create two kind of account test; one buyer, one seller
  • Now go on and login to your seller's account
  • Profile > My Account > More Options > My Selling Tools >
  • Create a button with seller account and define the ipn.php's url ( in the third step )
  • make a PHP page for test with this button code.

Don't forget to add this line in generated code;

<input type="text" size="60" name="custom" value="Minecraft username">

Plugin and ipn.php

  • edit config.yml of Obole and switch sandbox to true
  • relaunch your server or reload /ob reload
  • edit config.php and switch sandbox to true
  • You do not need to change ipn.php

Make a test

It's easy

  • go into the donation test page
  • use your buyer account to do a donation
  • now check your mysql database or in game with /ob recent