configuration ( config.yml)



HERE an example of config.yml

  checkdelay: 30 # amount of seconds between two check
  checkExpiredDelay: 2 amount of hours between two checks of expire time
  sandbox: false #enabled/disable sandbox mode
  debug: false
  cumulativepackages: true #packages and donation could be cumulative?
  enablesignwall: true #enable donator wall
  broadcast-message: '&a%player make a donation of &6%amount!' #broadcast message
  lng: FR
    chemin: Obole.log
    permission: Obole.trace
    param: 15
  '5': #package name
    price: '5.00' # Define the price
    expires: '30' # amount of days it should expire. Put 'never' to have it last forever.
    commands: # commands to execute immediatly after the donation
    - promote %player mecene0
    onlineCommands: # commands to execute when donator join the server
    - msg %player thank for your donation of %amount!
    expirescommands: # commands to execute when the delay expire
    - demote %player