Dear Anyone. I am unfortunately done with Bukkit. I know the staff will probably begin removing my plugins and for this, I'm sorry. Bukkit has become a chore and decided to focus on furthering screwing up their community and restricting code. For this reason: I urge you to read my friends Bergekillers' post here. Then start reminiscing of the good old days. Goodbye users of Bukkit and my plugins. I cannot work within a jail anymore. This will be the last and final update to this plugin. Again, I'm sorry. But programming for Bukkit is just not fun.


Hello, Orcem's back with yet another lightweight RPG plugin! Introducing "ObbyDestruct" your friendly "TnT Breaks Obsidian" plugin. I will continue adding to this plugin for I have many ideas for the plugin. Please follow the project closely as it slowly evolves into a self-rewarding and hopefully donation applicable. (Trying to pay for school) I hope you enjoy it. You may request all appropriate modifications, I'll do my best to add them all.


Own a factions server? Tired of players making their fortresses nearly impossible to raid because of Obsidian? Well I'm here to help! This plugin allows your players to use TnT to destroy, remove and mine Obsidian. Enjoy.

  • Configurable amount of TNT to break the blocks
  • Small but functional chance system
  • Destroy Obsidian with TNT


  • Add Drop Limiter
  • Allow creepers to destroy obsidian (Config)
  • Log TnT explosions
  • Allow TnT to explode in water (Configurable)
  • Allow custom resistance for user chosen blocks.

How to install:

  1. Download the most recent build of this plugin.
  2. Place downloaded plugin, "ObbyDestruct", into your plugins folder.
  3. Simply reload or preferably restart server.
  4. Enjoy and if you like it remember to check back for updates!

Donate (Help me pay for school [Computer Science])

Donate Via Paypal, please. : ) (Optional)


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