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Always been there when we try to make the best building in the world and then you run out of wood, or stone or something else but you really cant be bothered to go get it yourself or youll lose your vision of the building!. You attempt to pay someone on the server to trade and then realise everyone else is doing the same thing as you but 1000 blocks away. This allows you to call over a NPC Worker to help build walls, build whole buildings, start towns mine for you and do repetitive tasks, you use it as you want to. These workers wont work for nothing though, youll need to pay them diamonds per however long it takes them to do the job.

Currently in the planning stages but trying to find a few coders who would like to help I have drafted up this to do list to get the ball rolling:

  1. Create Base Plugin - Done - 27/08/11
  2. Create BOB-Plugin reader - Done - 27/08/11
  3. Create NPC's that walk around aimlessly - Done - 28/08/11
  4. Create basic tasks like chop nearest trees, find ores - Kind of... Working on 28/08/11
  5. Implement a money/diamond system into the basic tasks

- First Beta Release For Testing -

  1. Make a macro like system to create repetitive tasks by showing the NPC what to do.
  2. Teach the NPC small obstacles like lava and too high blocks - will actually probably be coded before first release
  3. Make use of the BOBPlugin reader to create buildings
  4. View suggestions to add more.


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