This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Add customizable NPCs to Minecraft!
NPCWarehouse Team: jeremytrains and zsscooby

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NPCWarehouse now has a Wiki!

NPCWarehouse is an NPC plugin designed for RolePlaying servers (Can be used on Creative and SMP servers as well, but not focused on this). NPCWarehouse will link in with other role playing plugins (ex. Factions, PermissionsEx, mcMMO, Spout/Spoutcraft) for a great npc experience. A list of NPC features is below. Currently this plugin is run and coded by jeremytrains, but if you would like to help or contribute, just post below! Help is always appreciated (If you decide to help, I will send you the source code).

Features for NPCs

  • Customize the NPC's name, messages, armor, items, and more!
  • Name an npc with a player's name and the npc will get the player's skin
  • Only the NPC's owner can edit the NPC
  • Have the NPC send messages to other NPCs on other servers or the same server! (Mailmen)
  • Have the NPC fight alongside with a faction or against mobs/players (Guardians)
  • Have the NPC sell or buy items with players (Traders)
  • Have the NPC dig tunnels for players (Miners)
  • Permissions support (Must be using Vault)
  • Set the npc's skin and cape (Spout + SpoutCraft required)
  • Customizable settings in a config.yml file
  • Create NPC's without a command (place wool on top of sand)
  • More features to come!

NPC Types

  • Guardian - fights mobs and players
  • Trader - sells and buys items with players
  • Mailman - delivers messages to players on the same server or different servers
  • Miner - digs tunnels for players

Mailmen allow you to connect two NPCs on either the same server or different servers, and send messages between the two of them. Players read their mail by going to the MailMan NPC and reading their inbox, just like a regular mailman. Note: By enabling mailmen, you agree to send information (NPC IDs, NPC names, your IP and Port, and any mail messages sent) to in order to transfer the messages between servers.

Permission Nodes
Click Here to view a list of commands and permission nodes on our wiki

Author's Channels and Streams
zsscooby's Youtube Channel
jeremytrains' Youtube Channel
zsscooby's Live Stream

Submitting A Bug
All Bugs should be submitted here

New Bukkit SafeGuard
The new Bukkit safeguard is described in detail here. NPCWarehouse does use Minecraft/CraftBukkit code outside of the API. This means that the safeguard does affect NPCWarehouse. You will need to have a new version of NPCWarehouse for every new version of Minecraft. I will do my best to get a compatible version released ASAP after an update, and add new features after a version is compatible.

Version Check
Don't know what version of the plugin your jar file is? You can use the NPCWarehouse version check by going to, uploading your file, and it will tell you which build number the jar file is from. The version check will work with all recommended versions of the plugin (downloaded here) after v0.9.3, but it will work with any version downloaded from the Jenkins server.


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