Here is an explanation of the config.yml file and what the different nodes mean. The config.yml file can be found in [server dir]/plugins/NPCWarehouse/config.yml.

# These are the general settings for the plugin
  # Should the plugin use a permissions plugin? (true = permissions plugin; false = OP)
  use-permissions: true
  # Can players select an npc by right clicking it? (true = yes; false = no)
  enable-right-click-selecting: true
# These are all of the settings that have to do with Spout and SpoutCraft
  # Should Spout support be enabled? (true = yes; false = no)
  use-spout: false
  # Can players change npcs' skins using Spout? (true = yes; false = no)
  allow-skin-changing: false
  # Can players change npcs' capes using Spout? (true = yes; false = no)
  allow-cape-changing: false
# These are all features that have to do with NPC mobs. NOTE that this does nothing and is not needed
  # Should npc mobs spawn?
  spawn-npc-mobs: false
  # How many npc mobs can there be at a time?
  max-number: 5
  # What should their names be (randomly selected)
  names-separated-by-;: Herobrine;Israphel;Evil_Notch;Evil_jeremytrains
  # What world(s) should they be in? (separate by ';')
  mob-world: world
# These are just some notes about the config file. I will get rid of this once I add comments to the config.yml file
  mobs: Mobs currently do NOTHING and do NOT work


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