Currently available for 1.8 and 1.9-1.12.1.

NotifyUser is a quick-and-easy chat plugin for sending chat notifications. When a player "tags" another user in the chat area (e.g. "@Notch"; supports tab completion), their username will be highlighted and they will receive a customizable alert, using sounds already available in Minecraft.

As a result of a desire for a simple ping plugin that's still a bit more customizable, NotifyUser has several configuration preferences for choosing different sounds, muting notifications, tagging & pinging options.


Though customizable, NotifyUser works out of the box and requires no extra set-up to use. Just drop the Jar file into your server's plugin folder, restart, and you're good to go. Or, if you so wish, tweak the default configuration file. It's up to you!

How to use

Pinging a player

There are two ways to send notifications to other users, through public chat tagging and a command.

To ping a player from the chat, simply "tag" them with the appropriate symbol: Hey, @TeddyRoosevelt! What's up?. The tagged username will become highlighted and the mentioned user will receive a sound alert. This is not case-sensitive, and it recognizes partial usernames (configurable), so @Teddy and @teddyroosevelt work just as well.

If you want to ping a player without making a public mention, you can type /nu [username] without any symbol in order to notify them directly. They will receive a message saying who pinged them and a sound alert (these can be changed). The same name sensitivity as the first method applies.

Muting notifications

If a player wishes to not receive sound alerts or on-command pings, they can use /nu mute. By default, text tag-highlighting will still go through, but both sound alerts and pings made through the /nu command will be blocked. This acts as a toggle, and can be turned off by typing /nu mute again.


All commands can also be executed with /notifyuser and /nfy.

General commands:

  • /nu [username] - Send a notification to a specific user without typing into public chat.
  • /nu help - Show all available NotifyUser commands.
  • /nu mute - Toggle mute/unmute for incoming notifications.

Admin commands:

  • /nu set [SOUND_NAME] - Set the notification sound to be heard by all players. (Refer to these lists of sounds: pre-1.9 | 1.9+)
  • /nu reload - Reloads the NotifyUser configuration file.


  • NotifyUser.* - Gives access to all NotifyUser commands. (default: op)
  • NotifyUser.player.* - Gives access to all standard player permissions.
    • NotifyUser.player.send - Allows a player to send in-chat and sound notifications. (default: true)
    • NotifyUser.player.receive - Allows a player to receive in-chat and sound notifications. (default: true)
    • NotifyUser.player.mute - Allows a player to mute any incoming notification sounds. (default: true)
    • NotifyUser.player.highlight - Allows a player to see their name highlighted in chat when pinged. (default: true)
  • NotifyUser.admin.* - Gives access to all admin permissions.
    • NotifyUser.admin.set - Allows you to set the notification sound for all players. (default: op)
    • NotifyUser.admin.reload - Allows you to use the reload command to update the config. (default: op)
  • NotifyUser.override.* - Gives access to all overriding permissions.
    • NotifyUser.override.notify - Always receive silent notification alerts regardless of notify option in config. (default: false)
    • NotifyUser.override.highlightall - Always highlight all in-chat notifications regardless of highlight-for-all option in config (default: false)
  • NotifyUser.anonymous.* - Gives access to all anonymous permissions.
    • NotifyUser.anonymous.send - Always send silent notifications without revealing your username. (default: false)
    • NotifyUser.anonymous.receive - Always see the username of anyone who sends you a silent notification (takes precedence over NotifyUser.anonymous.sender) (default false)


Options in config.yml

  • notifications:
    • sound-effect
      • Name (all caps) of the sound to play when pinged.
      • (Refer to these lists of sounds: pre-1.9 | 1.9+)
    • volume
      • Volume at which the notification will be heard (0.0 - 1.0).
    • pitch
      • Pitch at which the notification will be heard (1 = normal).
  • chat:
    • symbol
      • Symbol(s) used when typing in chat to ping a user (e.g. @ # *)
    • highlight-color
      • Set the color that tagged names will be highlighted with (e.g. &a, &b, &c...)
    • message-color
      • Insert the default color of your chat to display after the tagged name.
    • highlight-for-all
      • True or false. If true, all players will see every highlighted tag. If false, only the player who was tagged will see it highlighted.
    • min-name-length
      • One must type at least this many letters to ping another player.
      • Anything below will not be highlighted or make a ping noise.
    • allow-partial
      • True or false. If true, partial names such as @mary can ping @MaryAnn32. If false, only @MaryAnn32 can be used to ping.
    • notify
      • True, false, or anonymous. If true, the player pinged by /nu [username] will be told who sent it. If false, no message will be sent. If anonymous, the message will not specify the sender.
  • mute
    • sound
      • True or false. If true, /nu mute will disable sound notifications for this player.
    • highlight:
      • True, false, or all. If true, /nu mute will disable in-chat notifications targeted to player. If all, it will disable all in-chat notifications.
  • messages (Use '&' color codes)
    • errors
      • no-perm: Message seen after using a command without proper permissions.
      • not-min: Tried to use /nu [username] with too little characters.
      • not-found: Pinged a player that is offline or does not exist.
    • mute
      • toggle: After toggling notifications with /nu mute.
      • alert: Pinged a player whose notifications are muted.
    • ping
      • from: Successfully sent a notification using /nu [username].
      • to: Successfully received a notification using /nu [username].
      • anon: Used instead when receiving an anonymous notification.

Message Placeholders

When creating custom messages to be seen by players, there are several placeholders you should use:

  • {sender} - Name of person that sent a ping notification.
  • {receiver} - Name of person that was pinged.
  • {min} - Minimum number of characters required to ping someone (set in min-name-length).
  • {toggle} - "unmuted"/"muted", depending on if the sender's notifications are disabled.

Custom messages can be colored using '&' color codes.

Setting up

There are several optional preferences for customization within the config.yml if you so desire. After editing and saving the file, either restart the server or type /nu reload to update the plugin's settings.

The notification alert

Changing the sound

You can change the sound a player hears when they are pinged with the /nu set [SOUND_NAME] command in-game, or by editing notifications.sound-effect in the config file.

To determine the name of the alert you want, refer to these lists of sounds: pre-1.9 | 1.9+). Be sure to include any underscores and correct capitalization.

Controlling volume and pitch

If you want to set how loud or high-pitched the sound is, you can do so by editing notifications.volume and notifications.pitch in the config file, respectively.

The volume determines how loud or quiet the alert noise will be when mentioned or pinged. 1.0 corresponds to full volume.

The pitch determines how high or low pitched it will sound. 1 represents the noise's normal range of pitch.

Tweak player mentions

The tag handle

The tag handle is the symbol that a player must type right before a username in order to activate the ping mention. If a valid username is tagged, it will become highlighted in the chat area for easy noticing, and a ping will be sent to that player (unless it is muted).

By default, the tag handle is @, however it can be easily changed by editing chat.symbol in the config. Though a single special character is reccomended, the tag handle can be any one string you wish (e.g. >> or Wololo).

You can also change the color that the tagged username will be highlighted by adding an "&" color code in chat.highlight-color.

If needed, it is also recommended to change the default value (white) in chat.message-color to whichever color regular chat uses (e.g. if you set this to light yellow in another plugin such as Essentials, you would put '&e' here). This does not override chat colors defined elsewhere; it only ensures proper formatting for messages containing pings.

Choosing how pings work

NotifyUser gives you the option of tweaking how a ping mention will be activated in the main chat or silent commands. You can change whether a full name is required or not and choose the minimum amount of letters of a username that a person must type in order to ping someone. Anything tagged below this number will be ignored, not highlighted, and no alert made.

To determine whether or not an on-command ping will alert the recipient or not, change chat.notify to false. When true, the command /nu [username] will send both a sound alert and silent configurable message `"SENDER has pinged you!" to the user. Alternatively, setting this to 'anonymous' will send a similar message without the sender's name.

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