API for plugin developers

If you wish to see the API Javadocs, click here:

Full API

First, download the Notifications plugin and add Notifications.jar to your build path.

Also make sure Notifications is loaded before your plugin is! To do this, add to your plugin.yml.

To connect to Notifications, put this in your plugin's onEnable() method:

For example, it's this easy to display a notification when someone dies:

After putting in my onEnable(), I got this result:

Pretty sweet right? Check out the full API and see what else is possible, try experimenting a bit! ;)

Some things you can do:

  • Change the title (by default it's the server name)
  • Change the color of the lines
  • Change the background color of the notification
  • Change the width of your notification

It's all in the javadocs! :)


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