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NoSplosion Disables that nasty explosion that leaves craters all over your server! While NoSplosion disables the creeper explosion it lets the creepers still dish out the explosions damage to players and mobs leaving the danger of creepers still there but minus the world destruction! As well as guarding against creepers NoSplosion has been adapted to stop any kind of explosion from happening on your server. Also you can set TNT to only be placed by certain groups with permissions! Now in version 0.4 fire wont destroy blocks but will damage players/mobs and spread as usual! As of v0.9 Endermen cannot grief anymore! Version 1.0 released! Version 1.1 will include command toggles to select which features are active!

Version: 1.0


  • Disables the creepers explosion
  • Creepers still deal damage to players and mobs
  • TNT only Damages players and mobs
  • Ghast fireballs don't explode but still cause damage
  • use permissions to set who gets TNT
  • permissions support!
  • Fire doesn't destroy blocks but only damages players/mobs and spreads as usual
  • Endermen dont grief anymore!

Permissions node

  • NoSplosion.PlaceTNT (default true)

Todo list

  • Testing new versions for 1.4.7 and 1.5.1

Change log -Version 1.0 bug test complete! -Version 0.9 Endermen no longer grief -Version 0.4

  • Added new fire feature -Version 0.3
  • Added Permissions support

-Version 0.2

  • Fireballs dont explode but cause damage
  • Added TNT Blocker Functionality
  • TNT does not damage enviroment

-Version 0.1

  • Initial release!

Any Questions Comments Concerns or Wanted improvements feel free to post a comment or PM me!


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