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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R3.0



  • Fixed Java version error when using Java 6


  • Updated for 1.2.5-R3.0
  • Redone Permissions Nodes! Old ones DO NOT WORK! See thispage.
  • Completely rewritten plugin. It's much more clean and efficient now!
  • New config files - in a new folder ("plugins/NoSpawnEggs2")
  • Option to make spawn eggs always allowed in survival
  • All versions are now included in a .zip package. Select the one you want to use. Be sure to remove the old NoSpawnEggs.jar if you used it!
  • Fixed not blocking chest and powered minecarts
  • Removed Vault support. May be re-added, but all it did was permissions, and Vault really isn't needed for that.
  • I will no longer be using GitHub. Source can be found in the JARs as .java files, along with .class files. Might be re-added later, but Git is just a hassle.


  • Added 3 levels of the plugin, Full, Moderate, and Light. Read more on the Versions wiki page.
  • Fixed Op permissions not always functioning


  • Added Ender Pearl and Ender Eye blocking.
  • Added boat and minecart blocking.
  • Added new permissions node, nospawneggs.user, that most 'normal' users can have to allow legitimate actions in survival (building Golems, spawning chickens with eggs, using Ender Pearls and Eyes, placing boats and minecarts)
  • Added Vault hook for permissions
  • Config help no longer generates in the header, instead see the Help page.
  • Plugin now has JavaDoc comments; if you don't know what that is, you don't need to care about it.
  • All onlyCreative settings now default to false


  • Added XP bottle dispense blocking. Thanks Ashlii21!
  • Made Dispense listener more efficient


A Bukkit build supporting MC 1.2 is strongly recommended. If you still run MC 1.1, I recommend that you stick with 1.4, as most of what is added this update is only relevant to 1.2.

  • Added 1.2 spawn egg mobs (ocelot); permission is nospawneggs.animal.ocelot.
  • Added Iron Golem blocking, it works nearly identically to Snow Golem blocking.
  • Added blocking of mob eggs being spawned by dispensers.
  • Added Bottle of Enchanting blocking.
  • Added Fire Charge blocking when fired out of dispensers.
  • Added alias to /nospawneggs (/nse).
  • Fixed permissions bug
  • Cleanup and other fixes


  • Added per-world support. See the Algorithm page for help.
  • Added per-world support of allowing or blocking certain mobs based on entity ID.
  • Snow Golem, chicken egg throw and chicken egg dispense can be disabled per world.
  • Drastically changed configuration, once again. This will hopefully be the last time it's changed. Hopefully.
  • Removed custom mob naming. I'm sorry, the time it would take me to keep it up to date with this new configuration system made me realize... when would someone actually need this? You can still use custom mob permissions with nospawneggs.id.<id>, but the name will return as "Entity". Don't whine, you'll live without it.

Per-ID permissions currently do not have a node, so only vanilla mobs can be allowed with permissions.