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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.3-R0.1



A Bukkit build supporting MC 1.2 is strongly recommended. If you still run MC 1.1, I recommend that you stick with 1.4, as most of what is added this update is only relevant to 1.2.

  • Added 1.2 spawn egg mobs (ocelot); permission is nospawneggs.animal.ocelot.
  • Added Iron Golem blocking, it works nearly identically to Snow Golem blocking.
  • Added blocking of mob eggs being spawned by dispensers.
  • Added Bottle of Enchanting blocking.
  • Added Fire Charge blocking when fired out of dispensers.
  • Added alias to /nospawneggs (/nse).
  • Fixed permissions bug
  • Cleanup and other fixes


  • Added per-world support. See the Algorithm page for help.
  • Added per-world support of allowing or blocking certain mobs based on entity ID.
  • Snow Golem, chicken egg throw and chicken egg dispense can be disabled per world.
  • Drastically changed configuration, once again. This will hopefully be the last time it's changed. Hopefully.
  • Removed custom mob naming. I'm sorry, the time it would take me to keep it up to date with this new configuration system made me realize... when would someone actually need this? You can still use custom mob permissions with nospawneggs.id.<id>, but the name will return as "Entity". Don't whine, you'll live without it.


  • Fixed the Snow Golem blocking!!! :D See the config and permissions pages for help. It only works with a CraftBukkit build greater than 1923! Versions prior had problems with this!


  • Fixed the severe errors on first run, before generating a config file/folder
  • Code cleanup


For the past few days, I've been working on making an update that fixes a lot of bugs, even ones that weren't reported, and added some new features to make your (creative?) server as lag-free as possible.

Update note: This update changes how many features are implemented. If you previously had an earlier version (1.1 or before), it is strongly recommended that you completely delete the plugin's directory (/NoSpawnEggs/) so the new file system can create itself. Read the config and permissions pages and scroll to the green text to see what's changed.

  • Chicken egg blocking: There is now a config option to disallow chickens from spawning out of eggs. This is configurable based on the permission the user has to block only in creative, survival, or both.
  • Dispenser chicken egg blocking: In addition, configure chicken eggs to turn into snowballs on the way out of a dispenser, preventing chickens from coming out.
  • Configurable messages: You can now configure the messages sent to the player when denied a permission.
  • Mob name colors: A dab of color in the deny messages.
  • Completely redone Yamls: Now, the config file is much more solid with better comments, the names file allows changing messages, and custom names have been moved to their own file (customNames.yml). Delete the old ones and let them regenerate!
  • Improved plugin.yml: Now, permissions systems should work much better.
  • More permissions compatibility: Any modern permissions plugin (not 2/3) should now work with this plugin.
  • Only right clicking: Left clicking while holding a denied spawn egg used to also cancel the event. Fixed!

I'm sure someone will find a workaround for one of the many blocks this plugin brings. Please report it in a ticket so it can be fixed!