Don't want players to look up your plugins?
Or maybe you just don't want them to use certain commands? 
Say NOPE! to your players and punish them (optionally)!

When a player, who is not a server operator nor has permission,
types for example /plugins
a custom message is being displayed to them
and, optionally, they can be punished in a variety of ways.

And you can always change the messages!
It doesn't have to be just plain "You don't have permission".

Let your creativity do its best.




# Allows a player to reload plugin configuration. 
- nope.reload 

# Allows a player to use a certain command. 
- nope.&lt;full_command_name&gt;<br /><br /># Player cannot be punished.<br />- nope.invulnerable<br /><br /># Allows a player to receive update notifications.<br />- nope.updater



  • scream - ghast's scream,
  • explosion - explosion without destroying blocks or setting the player on fire,
  • explosion_with_fire - explosion without destroying blocks but with setting the player on fire,
  • explosion_with_blocks - explosion with destroying blocks and setting the player on fire,
  • death - player dies,
  • fire - player catches on fire,
  • low_food - player's hunger bar is at 0,
  • damage - player is damaged by 4 health points = 2 hearts.
  • teleport - player is teleported 10 blocks up,
  • lightning - player is struck by lightning,
  • random - chooses a random punishment from these above.
New punishments will be added if you wish! Just let me know.



Do you appreciate my work?

If you appreciate my work, I woulfe be very grateful if you donated me. It means so much to me, as I can do much more stuff, prepare new plugins on better hardware.

If you want to donate, here's the link: Donate
Thank you so much!


This plugin is using bStats.

The files I upload on this site are approved slowly, so if something written in this project description is not as it is in the plugin, download new files from this plugin page on


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